Ballardites in the holiday spirit

Being the last weekend before Christmas, groups and neighbors decided to get in the holiday spirit.

Sean sent us this photo of carolers singing holiday favorites around the Whittier Heights neighborhood Sunday night.

And. Eric sent us this photo and says, “Here’s a picture of one of the neighborhood luminaria displays Saturday night. This is on 26th Ave NW between 80th and 83rd. 25th Ave and 27th Ave were also lit, and there was a community party held by one of the residents on 26th. This event is one of our favorites of the year!” (Thanks Sean & Eric for the photos!)

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2 thoughts to “Ballardites in the holiday spirit”

  1. Give my thanks to the carolers. Saturday night there were carolers on my street. My 5 year old and I opened to the door to see what all the commotion was and got caroled in the process. My son had never seen real carolers before. It was a nice treat. Thanks.

  2. I must say that you guys did such a good job that it totally out-did Old Ballard. ;) I think your dark street helped as well. It was VERY pretty. Great job!

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