Photos of holiday lights around the neighborhood

Updated: Thanks to your help, we’ve assembled a few photos of some incredible holiday light displays in Ballard. Let’s just say that many homeowners are brimming with Christmas spirit (and free time).

This home on 8th Ave. and 90th St. wins the prize for the most lights per square foot. Chevy Chase (“Christmas Vacation”) would be proud (compare). Even the roof, shrubs and the front door are covered in bulbs. Every minute or so, a car pulls over to the curb to take in the scene.

This is the “Gingerbread House” on 9th Ave. and 73rd. The house is even broadcasting on an AM radio frequency, so you can tune in to learn more about the display. (Thanks Chris for the tip!)

Over on Alonzo near 73rd, this family lit up the tall tree in their yard. It’s hard to see, but a big star sits on top. (Thanks Cahiwa!)

On 16th Ave. at 67th St., this home features quite a few holiday characters packed in the front yard. It’s a little eerie, actually. (Thanks Name!)

This is along 6th Ave. at 51st St. “Trains, boats, giant star on the side of the house; it’s an extravaganza of lights!” writes RaisedBed in comments. “Some of the displays are made by the homeowner (not store bought) and are quite fun.”

Yes, this is a 15-foot-tall Maurice Sendak nutcracker standing along Dibble and 90th St. “Someone must have worked on the production years ago,” writes Mrs. JW in comments, who calls it the Christmas Miracle. Why? “Because I wonder where they store it the other 11 months!”

This house on 80th St. near 18th Ave. is always a favorite. It looked spectacular last year in the snow. (Oh, remember last year about this time? Photos.)

And this home on 9th Ave. near 67th has that warm, cozy Christmas glow.

Know of more Christmas light displays worth adding? Post a comment….

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20 thoughts to “Photos of holiday lights around the neighborhood”

  1. 90th & Dibble…I call it the Christmas Miracle. It's the huge Maurice Sendak nutcracker, all light up. Someone must have worked on the production years ago. I know it's offically Christmas appears.
    Why is it a Christmas Miracle? Because I wonder where they store it the other 11 months!

  2. My vote is for the fabulous gingerbread house on 9th NW just S. of 73rd.

    It's a treat just to see it & it looks delicious!

    I am delighting my neighbors with my oh so sophisticated tinsel snowman…

  3. 6th and NW 51st… Quite the spectacle. Trains, boats, giant star on the side of the house; it's an extravaganza of lights! Actually, some of the displays are made by the homeowner (not store bought) and are quite fun.

  4. yes…raisedbed, that's the Hill Family ! We love seeing their display every year even though we've never met them. (If I can get out and take a decent picture, I'll send it in)

  5. No… they are celebrating how much junk you can buy in our Walmart society. They are displaying the excess of our society ironically.

    Christmas lights user very little power, and honestly, it's winter time. We usually have more then enough Hydro-power and no Salmon running. Wasting a little electricity in the winter does such little damage that it's not an issue at all. So there really isn't much Global Warming going on. :D

    The amount of trash generated from the Holidays and the fuel used to deliver packages and get people to and from the Mall has a far larger impact on the environment.

  6. Terrible, just terrible btown. All these people destroying the planet and swilling it down with egg nog. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror on Christmas morning knowing they are drowning Maldivians with their greed?

  7. I drove by that house the other day and apparently the fans were off because they were all deflated. It looked like a Christmas Massacre!

    That house makes the 5 year old in me want a BB gun or a sling shot. Same part that would spend hours making a sand castle and then stop through it like Godzilla. Not very Christmas spirit like, I know.

  8. I just walked past it this morning. Only one is limp as of about 10am. They must have been resting. ;-)

    I had the same uncharitable thought about the BB gun. ;-)

  9. The Nutcracker is at the house of one of my stagehand co-workers. Every year, he hires a couple of people to help him put it up.

    I don't know where he stores it though.

  10. actually the 5 year olds love it as do the many younger ones who drag their parents to go take a look. Jump on them maybe with all the bouncy houses in mind but the folks truly did it for the kids. Why be such a scrooge and hurt feelings?

  11. The Nutcracker lives at my house here on 9015 Dibble , and every year our stagehand friends come together to put it up and kick off the holiday season.
    Taking it down is not quite as festive. Sure is a trick getting his head on and off.

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