Acorn Eatery closed & up for sale

For months now, Crown Hill’s Acorn Eatery (9041 Holman Rd) has been closed and is up for sale

We’ve received many emails from people wondering what’s going on, “Any ideas on what is happening at the Acorn Eatery? They have confusing signs on their building and windows.” a MyBallard reader writes. We’ve tried to contact the owners but have received no response.

A sign in the window says, “Notice – Due to some unfortunate events, the Acorn will be temporarily closed for business. We apologize in advance to our customers and will be open again as soon as possible.” Another sign points out that the 3,200 square foot restaurant is up for sale. The current lease on the property is up in March 2011. (Thank you everyone for your emails.)

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8 thoughts to “Acorn Eatery closed & up for sale”

  1. With a name like Acorn it sounds like a place to go get financing to open a brothel with 15 year old Salvadorean hookers….just sayin'

  2. The last few years they seemed to be less busy. I always liked their acorn/butternut squash soup. One less independent place to eat. Holman Road is a big impediment to businesses being successful here in Crown Hill.

  3. Much as I missed the black bean quesedia (sp) of the place that was there before it, I'm still kind of sad to see Acorn being confirmed as gone.
    What will replace it, I wonder?

  4. I went to the Acorn one night on a whim with a friend of mine and we fell in love with it, but sadly we live in West Seattle. For a Christmas gift to ourselves we were going to be have dinner there again…but found out from their website they were closed…bummer. We went to Alki instead, but I think the Acorn was overlooked and underappreciated.

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