Body found floating in Ship Canal

Just before 9:30 this morning, Harbor Patrol and fire responded to a report of a water rescue at 5320 28th Ave NW.

When crews arrived, they found a body that had been deceased for some time. Police say it appears to be the body of an adult female in her 40’s. Investigators don’t believe there was any foul play and are treating this as an accidental death. A man nearby tells us that the individual is believed to be a homeless person known to the homeless community.

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11 thoughts to “Body found floating in Ship Canal”

  1. My daughter and I took a walk the other day to visit the Locks, and avoided this area along the tracks due to a buncha guys hangin. We saw 'em and went up to Market St. and down. This seems to be another one of the hangouts, amongst plenty of others. No dignity whatsoever here. RIP individual.

  2. sdrake1958, there's *always* a group of bums hanging out there (literally) on the tracks just behind the Lockspot cafe. It's so predictable that when my wife and I take walks there (frequently in the summer, no so much this time of year) we play a game called “Guess the Bum Count” as we approach to see who can predict the day's number. It's usually 3 – 5.

    Sad to hear about this woman. RIP.

  3. I live there and talked to the man whose boat the woman had spent the night on. He said she got up and left about 3 or 4 in the morning and left. She was probably drunk (she usually is) but the crazy wind that rolled thru here about that time may have played a part.

    I walk by these people a couple times a day. They're harmless. They'll relocate once the work begins on the bike trail.

  4. It's a shame. I think people forget how dangerous the water is around Seattle are… Your muscles can cramp in a matter of seconds in water as cold as the Sound.

  5. There is always a story behind every tragedy. Anna was an Alaska native who grew up in an alcoholic family. She was our daughter-in-law for 8 years and the mother of our 4 grandchildren. She had a wide circle of family and friends–and she was not a “bum.” We all helped as best we could and she did the best she could. Remember, alcoholism is a disease that is very hard to treat. And homeless becomes the only option for some because we don't help more. We will be forever grateful to her friends around Ballard who took care of her. We will miss her.

  6. Rest in peace, Anna. We will always remember you. You lived a hard life and always talked about your children who you loved through it all. You are not forgotten.

    Alcoholism is a medical issue, not a moral one.

  7. thank you for being there,for Anna! she is from my home town!and loving this lady,reguardless. of the life she lived, she still has a soul. i feel for Anna's children & family! no matter what anyone thinks, this lady was a human with a heart. no one should judge, her for alcolohism. Rest In Peace! ANNA

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