Discovery Channel looking for animal encounters

Pangolin Pictures has been hired by the Discovery Channel to produce a film about animal encounters. Justin, from Pangolin, emailed us:

We are working on a film that will air on the Discovery Channel later this year about how animals and humans struggle to coexist in urban and suburban environments. This is NOT some sort of “When Animals Attack” show, it’s a serious natural history project, featuring biologists, animal experts, and people who have had encounters with these animals. The aim is to educate people on why these animals are showing up in their yards and what can be done to stay safe.

The company first reached out to our neighborhood because of raccoon encounters but says, “We are looking at raccoons, coyotes, poisonous spiders, snakes, alligators and fire ants. By all means if people have had dangerous encounters with coyotes or been bitten by spiders I would like to speak with them as well.” Justin says production will begin this month, so if you’re interested in sharing your story, you can email him at

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  1. My husband walks our dog down to a ball park near us. He returned home to get me and my camera. I was very luck to get only one photo of a Snowy Owl It flew away right after I took it. I was trying to get a profile too but wasn't fast enough.It was a surprise it was still there . A beautiful creature it was. My photo turned out great. I believe it was a female as I read the males are pure white. I'd be ahppy to share the photo if you'd want it.

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