New Crown Hill Value Village opens March 4th

The clothes are on the racks at the new Crown Hill Value Village.

While employees are busy getting the inside ready to open, Ryan “Henry” Ward is at work on the outside of the building.

“The Value Village team chose to work with Ryan “Henry” on this mural because he really is a Ballard icon, and the quirky, fun aspect of his paintings matches their own culture and that of the greater community,” Ian Jeffries the Value Village media spokesperson tells us.

Henry was at work all weekend on this 3,000 square foot wall, his biggest mural in Seattle. “I kinda wanted to just make it like, I guess, fun, portray the idea that shopping second hand is enjoyable so I’m making dancing elephants dressed in funky clothes,” he tells us. Along with this outside mural, he’s also painting in the employee break room.

The new Value Village at 8532 15th Ave NW. , which replaces the former QFC, opens on Thursday, March 4th at 9 a.m. Prior to the grand opening, there will be a dedication of Henry’s new mural. The first 500 people in the store will receive an autographed poster from the artist. (Thank you everyone for the emails about the mural!)

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50 thoughts to “New Crown Hill Value Village opens March 4th”

  1. I'm all for whimsical art, but also dislike the color scheme.

    I like some of Henry's other stuff, so will wait until it's finished before passing judgement. I'm sure others will voice their opinion now though.

  2. Obviously I meant the colors he has employed so far.

    I imagine he may be adding more color to it, so will judge the final mural it when it's finished.

    I will also base my opinion on seeing the mural in person, rather than looking at a computer screen. This mural will be hard to miss.

    Funny how the family mexican restaurant across the street had to remove some of their outdoor mural as it was perceived as graffitti.

  3. Did it have prior approval?
    Many murals have fallen due to violations. Murals construed as billboards, advertising, offensive, etc. You can't just paint what you want on the side of any building.
    Anyhow, I just thought that your post contradicted itself.
    I haven't seen it completed yet, but don't think I'll get my panties in a bunch either way.
    I wonder if the FDA will have to rule that this mural is also a 'choking hazard'…some people need to take a deep breath.

  4. @onderfullone: I think people would be more inclined to listen (or read and really think about) your arguments on other issues if you didn't always seem itching for a fight. diorama-boy made a pretty innocuous statement all things considered. Pick your battles and maybe people won't immediately ignore you due to needless vitriol.

  5. If I recollect, the mexican restaurant had painted a few smiley faces on their sign/windows.

    smiley faces!

    I believe they were told to remove it because it looked like a gang tag or something.
    I don't know who told them to remove it. Who regulates this sort of thing? Did Henry actually take a mock-up to the DPD and talk to someone?

    I think if you own the building, you can pretty much paint whatever you want on it.

  6. Maybe a trademark issue? I dunno about that issue, but have heard of fish, toy trains and stick figures all being removed due to some violation of code.
    I'd like to agree that if you own a building, you could paint what-ever you want on it.
    It's just not the case around here.

  7. Well, you are with the majority, sir.
    I'm just hard edged, that's how I was made.
    Been through many exercises designed specifically to round me off some.
    They failed. I'm not happy about it either.

  8. New signage would have us believe this is a charitable donation headquarters.

    But VV is a for-profit corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange (can't recall name at moment). Charities- – Comunity Services for the Blind, NW Center for the Retarded –benefit when they bring stuff they've collected from us (“We'll have a truck in your neighborhood….”) to Value Village and get paid for it.

    Everybody wins, and I truly love the place, but the sign is very misleading.

  9. “New signage would have us believe this is a charitable donation headquarters”

    what signage are you talking about? the mural?
    not sure that it screams non-profit to me.

  10. This actually isn't the case.

    The whole thing was miscommunication between the owner of the building and the owner of Michoacan.

    The city did send a letter to remove graffiti from the building, but the smiley face was never mentioned in the letter. Either the building owner or business owner believed the smiley face to be an issue.

    Once the city caught wind of the confusion, they immediately checked in with the business owner.

    In the end, the smiley face is still there smiling back at you.

  11. henry rules! this is tranforming the entire area into a more positive and fun environment. public art is linked to lowering crime rates. remove art and crime increases.

  12. Not the mural. Look at the last picture of the store above. There's green lettering on the upper-left corner of the building itself, along with a green square on the bottom of their free-standing sign, which both say “Community Donation Center.” I agree with geedub that this is a bit misleading. You and the community would both be better off to donate directly to a charity. I don't think you'd be eligible for a tax deduction is you dropped items off at Value Vilage.

  13. yes, thanks for the clarification!

    I go to that restaurant frequently but it's usually at night so hadn't noticed if they changed any signage.

    Great food and margaritas!

  14. Good god, will this town ever grow up?

    Look, I enjoy “whimsey” as much as the next guy, but this city, and this neighborhood, need to grow the hell up, and deal with the various crises that threaten to make it unlivable – stop painting unicorns on buildings that have junkies living (and dying) next to them, stop craving cheap, meaningless, brain-dead, feel-good idiocy. Whimsey, my ass – we've got all the whimsical public art we need. How about painting a big mural that says “Hey, moron, put down the damn cell phone and drive the damn car!”

    I'm tired of the simple-minded, belief that painting childish figures will somehow make life here better. Please, Ballard (and Seattle), you act like an insecure 7-year old, craving anything that passes for “art” while crime skyrockets, the quality of life here goes quickly down the toilet, and things get worse and worse. But we've got unicorns and dancing elephants on our walls! Hooray, we're such a FUN place to be (and to get stabbed or pisssed on).

    This town is filled with idiots…

  15. Personally, when some wack-job stabs or shoots me for chump change, I would like something comforting to stare at. The best place to get laid out right now is those pretty new sidewalks on Ballard Ave…under those spiffy new lights? Howdy!

  16. and I wasn't trying to be down on you like most are – just an observation. You de-escalated which I appreciate. And just so you know – I prefer “ma'am” ;)

  17. Speaking of stick figures onderfullone – I have a trademark on that icon for use on public forums. Aaack! You owe me royalties! (just kidding)

  18. You get a donation receipt at Value Village, I think it's Community Service for the Blind. They used to have $3 off coupons on the bottom or BOGO coupon.

  19. The research for this was done on Hill Top Tacoma in the 90's. One of the biggest factors for change in that neighborhood was the presence of public art. I can find you the particulars if you desire, I just haven't read the journal since I was in the masters program for community development at Antioch 10 years ago.

  20. I sure got in trouble for using it in the forum awhile ago, and since then I've continued to see it in many places, and used in many ways without a big deal being made about it. I'm more aware of my own usage of it, but I haven't found it to be the new 8th dirty word you can't say on TV like some people made it out to be.

    NW Center for the Retarded is an org started in the 60's for kids with mental disabilities whose families didn't want to institutionalize them. Used to be behind new Whole Foods. Filmed a movie there once. They still reference the term, so it can't be that bad.

  21. It's bad if the wrong person uses it for the wrong reason.
    Which, is ( ______ )
    I apologize for using the word in an appropriate manner.

  22. Woo Hoo for great art! Finally something to act as an appropriate conterpoint to the charming businesses across the street in our neighborhood! Thanks a whole heep Henry! :-) I love color. The weirder the better!

  23. Savers is not exchanged on the stock exchange.

    They pay local charities by the pound for their goods and are none too fair about it.

    In L.A. there was a smear campaign showing Millionaire CEO Tom Ellison, who lives on a point on Lake Washington in a mansion, with devil horns educating California that most charities they give to only sell to him in bulk for pennies a point.

    Savers the parent company has a lock on the charity goods market and not just in the PNW.

    Ask most any charity locally if they'd jump ship for even pennies more a pound and they will tell you yes! Goodwill, St. Vincents, and Salvation Army are three charities that don't sell to Value Village. It's a racket that Value Village has going internationally. I try to educate whoever will listen to donate to Goodwill or Children's Hospital before thinking the call they get at dinner time is going to help a local charity much when the truck comes around, it goes to Savers.

  24. @Name
    I think you forgot to take your happy pills today. Please locate said pills immediately lest you attack some bunnies, kittens or some other cute harmless well meaning animal.

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