Pool & community centers closed on Friday

Seattle Parks and Recreation is taking another furlough day this Friday, March 12 to help fill the budget gap. That means the Ballard Community Center, the Loyal Heights Community Center and the Ballard Pool will be closed. (Child care and late-night programs will still operate at the community centers.)

On Monday, March 15, Park Department administrative offices (communications, correspondence, Park Board support, web management, public outreach, human resources, finance and administration) will be closed.

Interbay Golf Course and the Seattle Aquarium will operate as usual.

2 thoughts to “Pool & community centers closed on Friday”

  1. Complete bulls**t! I was actually planning a swim on friday and found this out a few hours ago. You would think that at the very least they could not close all of the pools on the same exact day. It would be nice to have the option to drive to the next closest one, but no, every pool in seattle is closed.

  2. The pool and community center workers have to take a cut in pay and your bitching about not going swimming. The world does not revolve around your exercise schedule.

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