Ballard drinking fountain being fixed after vandalism

Several of you have noticed that the drinking fountain at Ballard Commons Park (5701 22nd Ave. NW) has been dismantled.

According to Dewey Potter with Seattle Parks & Recreation, the fountain had been vandalized and was malfunctioning. “Our plumbing crew have removed the bowl and arm assembly and are trying to fix it,” Potter says. “If it needs new parts, they will order them and the fix will take a little longer.”

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3 thoughts to “Ballard drinking fountain being fixed after vandalism”

  1. that's really the last straw.

    the loser punks that hang out in this park can tag all they like, and even blow up garbage cans occasionally. But when they start attacking our water supply, its time to take action.

    you never see fountains in Italy destroyed–and there's lots of losers just hanging out in their parks too.

  2. Come one now. This is nothing more then the playful activity of a few fun loving scamps. Destroying public property is probably protected speech in The People Republic of Seattle™.

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