D’Ambrosio Gelato to open on Ballard Ave

There’s soon to be a new gelato shop in Ballard.

D’Ambrosio Gelato is getting ready to open at 5339 Ballard Ave. We stopped by and spoke with the owner over the weekend. With a thick Italian accent he told us that he has years of gelato experience. He decided to open D’Ambrosio on Ballard Avenue because it reminds him of a little Italian street. He hopes to be scooping gelato by mid-April.

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13 thoughts to “D’Ambrosio Gelato to open on Ballard Ave”

  1. I really like Mimi Gelato, which opened not too long ago in the old Paulene space off Market near Ocho. Their salted caramel and black sesame flavors, in particular, are wonderful.

    Mimi's location makes them invisible to a lot of people. D'Ambrosio is going to be highly visible, right there on Ballard. I hope Mimi has enough of a following to hang on. Seems like they do OK.

  2. Also, last time I checked, Mimi only took cash. If they haven't changed, going there required some planning or a rerout via tha bank, it's not a place I can just head over to. If this place takes cards, I am all for it.

  3. I've talked to the owner as well and he seems adorably sweet. I'm glad a one-off Ballard-Ave-unique shop went in there. Last thing we need is another bar, another sushi joint, another boutique clothing store, another candy shop, etc.

    Side note: I haven't tried Mimi yet (too cold!) but their flavors sound absolutely tantalizing. I think they maybe had vegan gelato last time I walked past? And blood orange? Yum!

  4. Mimi Gelato is delicious- my kids declared “This is better than ice cream!” upon their 1st visit. The owner was waiting for the phone co. to install the necessary wiring for credit transactions last time we were there so the cash only was a temporary necessity.

  5. There's a gelateria owned by a Real Italian 80th & 24th. His name is Don Alfonso, and the shop's called Robertino's. He's a very friendly gentleman.

  6. I believe that Mimi also doesn't make their own gelato. So if D'Ambrosio makes their own, that might be something of a novelty. Also, it looks as though they may have space for seating which is the unfortunate nature of Mimi. While there are a few (maybe 5) seats, you really have to plan on strolling while eating after a visit to Mimi, which is a challenge if you like a little espresso with your gelato.

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