North Beach stacks up against the competition

Sport Stacking is an event that involves stacking special plastic cups into pyramids of three, six or ten cups in as little time as possible. Sounds easy until you see it in action.

Video of Melina Nilson in the ‘cycle’ preliminary round

This is the first year North Beach Elementary has sent a team to the NW Regional Sport Stacking Championships in Auburn and the first and second graders practically swept the medal rounds. Four of the students qualified for the individual finals in the age 7 and under division. In the finals, 2nd grader Maronne Suzuki took 1st place in each of the three individual events.

Sport Stacking coach Rett Hartmann with the medal winners

Here is how the North Beach students stacked against the competition:
3-3-3 Finals – Age 7 & under
1st place – Maronne Suzuki
4th place – Luke Sellers

3-6-3 Finals– Age 7 & under
1st place – Maronne Suzuki
2nd place – Charlie Cole
3rd place – Luke Sellers
5th place – Melina Nilson

Cycle Finals– Age 7 & under
1st place -Maronne Suzuki
2nd place-Charlie Cole
3rd place-Melina Nilson

And if you still think sport stacking looks easy, check out this kid. (Thank you Marla for emailing us!)

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Darrell McManus
Darrell McManus

Go Seals!!


The kids were great, and we are so proud of them. I also want to give kudos to coach and North Beach PE teacher Rett Hartmann. Mr. Hartmann started a very popular after-school stacking club last fall (so popular that he's now offering it two days per week), and he prepared the students well for their first competition. The kids were so impressive with their composure. Even under a lot of pressure, cameras, timers and strangers watching them, they didn't get frustated, even when they made mistakes.


if i started that, i would have nightmares that have to do with it. just like when i played tetris for hours at a time as a kid.