Welcome our new neighborhood blogs

We’re happy to officially announce the launch of three new neighborhood news sites in our community network here in North Seattle: Maple Leaf Life, Wedgwood View and My Wallingford. This is Next Door Media’s first expansion since the network grew from My Ballard to a total of five sites a little more than a year ago.

Just like My Ballard, each of the new sites is edited by journalists who live in their respective neighborhoods: Mai Ling Slaughter and Mike Ullmann in Maple Leaf, Wayne Wurzer in Wedgwood and View Ridge, and Marina Gordon in Wallingford. And each share the vision of a community-powered approach to neighborhood news.

If you know someone who lives in the new neighborhoods that might be interested in checking out the new sites, please let ’em know!

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The founders of My Ballard

8 thoughts to “Welcome our new neighborhood blogs”

  1. Glad to see you are finally censoring posts. I'm only telling it like it is and see that my posts have to be approved before being posted.

  2. I am disappointed in Next Door Media for choosing to move into a neighborhood (Wallingford) that already has a popular and well-established blog (Wallyhood). I understand your desire to expand your stable, and to offer readers of blogs like MyBallard easy access to content from other neighborhoods. Choosing Wallingford, however, smacks of putting profit over community. I realize that Next Door Media is a for-profit entity (although profits may be few and far between now and long into the future), but it is disheartening to see it so blatantly displayed.

  3. Hey, I wish you luck in your business, but let's be honest. Calling this “journalism” is either a bit disingenuous or else it suggests a serious lack of understand of what journalism really is. Not looking to pick a fight, and I appreciate a neighborhood blog for what it is…but it ain't journalism, friend.

  4. Funny… this site fits into the definition of “journalism” by every source I found. “Journalism is the craft of conveying news, descriptive material and opinion via a widening spectrum of media. These include newspapers, magazines, radio and television, the internet and even, more recently, the mobile phone. …”

    That doesn't sound too specific. Wouldn't the fact that this blog recently won a national journalism award perhaps undermine your argument that this site isn't journalism?

    How else would you define it?

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