Leif Erikson Lodge hosts day of events

The Leif Erikson Lodge celebrated Norwegian Cultural and Heritage Day, and it kicked off this morning with the 5K Leif to Leif Fun Run and Walk.

Glenn Eriksen sent us this photo of the race getting underway on NW 57th. Participants raced to the Leif Erikson statue at the Shilshole Bay Marina and back. You couldn’t have asked for better weather.

There were tasty Norwegian snacks, too, which turned into a full-fledged feast at the lodge with all the traditional favorites. As is customary with the Tastes of Norway event, there was a pickled herring taste-off, too.

The day’s big event was the bunad parade featuring traditional Norwegian clothing worn by the young and not-so-young alike. Jody Grage, known by many as “the bunad lady,” offered historical perspective for each ensemble.

Here’s video from the bunad parade, including a display of traditional folk dance from the group Leikarringen. (Thanks Glenn for the 5K photos!)

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6 thoughts to “Leif Erikson Lodge hosts day of events”

  1. Not sure, but the picture of the race starting must have been taken on the “other” 28th Ave NW, you know, the one with a 24 on the street sign?

  2. I like how the article has been edited for correctness but passive agressivly by changing the street to NW57th instead of 24th just so you aren't right.

  3. Just to set the record straight, the run started on the corner of N.W. 57th and 24th N.W. The runners in the picture are in the process of crossing 24th. The route then continued west on 57th toward the water.

  4. Okay lets talk about the event. It was fun to be invited to experience the Scandianvian traditions and foods. We were asked many times which one of us were scandanavian? – the answer neither, some were surprised we were there!

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