Free ‘Green Kitchen Kits’ available

Check your mailbox this week for a coupon for a free “Green Kitchen Kit” which should arrive in your CurbWaste and Conserve newsletter. The kits, which feature an EcoSafe Kitchen Collector (shown at right) and compostable bags for storing food scraps, a food scraper, a CFL light bulb and a reusable shopping bag can be picked up starting April 15th at the Ballard Neighborhood Service Center (5604 22nd Ave NW).

“Green Kit giveaways are part of Compost Days, April 15 – May 30, when Seattle Public Utilities, Cedar Grove and Seattle City Light and our community partners are making these special offers to Seattle residents to say ‘thank you’ for helping make our city even better through your recycling and composting efforts,” the Seattle Public Utilitie’s website states.

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8 thoughts to “Free ‘Green Kitchen Kits’ available”

  1. Bah. What they should do is start collecting garden waste/compost from apartment buildings, then. I *want* to give them mine, but can't because there is a limit where they won't pick up from buildings with 13+ apartments (or similar. I can't remember the exact limit.)

  2. huh. So maybe the limit is higher. I just know I talked to our manager and she said she's been trying to get them to pick up, and they won't, while they do at the property owner's other apartment building (which was 13 units.) Our building is probably around 70 units.

  3. I have a friend who lives in a great big condo building in First Hill. She managed to get compost collection up and running in her building, by working with building management. I'm not sure what that process involved, but it's definitely possible and takes someone who really wants it done.

  4. A 5 gallon plastic bucket works nice. No need to buy special bags just throw the slop in there and shut the lid. It will get stinky no matter how cute your trash pail is…

  5. I just use a small container on the counter – an air-tight container (like you get for flour) – then empty it outside once it gets full. I had one of those cute counter composters with the holes and the charcoal filters but the fruit flies were outrageous. The latching container really helped out with that.

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