Swedish looking for cute baby photos

Grab those photo albums, Swedish Medical Center is looking for the most adorable baby born at any of the Swedish locations.

Kai (a.k.a. Baby Geeky Swede) born at Swedish Ballard.

Since opening its doors in 1910, more than 200,000 babies have been born at Swedish Medical Center, including 7,400 last year alone at the Ballard and First Hill locations. In honor of their 100th anniversary, Swedish is looking for some cute baby photos to share. “Swedish is iconic in the community as a place to have your baby,” said Cal Knight, president and chief operating officer at Swedish. “We often meet people in the community who are proud to tell us they were born at Swedish or had their children here. For our 100th anniversary, we want to celebrate that and reunite with patients through photos.”

There are six categories to enter into and each category will have a grand prize, second prize and third prize winner.

Categories are: Craziest hair, biggest sports fan, trick-or-treat, my first birthday, most adorable and I love my pet. Grand-prize winners will receive a two-night stay for four people to Great Wolf Lodge and a $300 gift card to spend at the lodge during their stay (approximate retail value of prize is $1,000). Second-place prize winners will receive a $500 Nordstrom gift card and third-place winners will receive a $250 Amazon.com gift card.

Click here for more information on how to enter.

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

12 thoughts to “Swedish looking for cute baby photos”

  1. Baby Geeky Swede is one SERIOUSLY cute baby!!! I hope he wins! Of course, MY baby could run circles around anyone, but she wasn't born around here…

    A free weekend at Great Wolf Lodge is nearly as good as a free weekend at Disneyland, so if “gooner” wins, he/she can just send it our way…

  2. What a darling little boy! Is “Kai” short for anything? I ask because my son's name is “Caius”, but we call him “Cai” a lot. I know the name can also be spelled with a K rather than a C. :)

  3. Swedish recently charged me over $5000 for fairly minor an 3 hour ER visit. Instead of having contests how about lowering your rates. Cute kid though …

  4. I had an ER visit recently, and have no insurance. I was frantic about how to pay the bill, but they have a program at Swedish to help those in need (ie. me) and they paid the whole bill! So, ya know, maybe it evens out?

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