Silver Airstream turns heads in Ballard

Over the weekend, our friend Tim Hunter couldn’t help but notice the silver Airstream parked outside Blackbird (5410 22nd Ave NW). “That aluminum trailer did stand out,” he tells us. Like the media guy he is, Hunter grabbed his video camera and put together this piece.

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6 thoughts to “Silver Airstream turns heads in Ballard”

  1. the problem is with the parking spot – people are jay-walking through traffic on 22nd to get to the trailer with no regard for cars travelling on the street. Eyes on the “prize” and not on safety. We need SPD to just sit there and pass out fines. It would help the city budget, as well.

  2. All a good ol' Ballard girl needs to get around town is a sack and some rubber boots.

    And what's that on their faces? looks like makeup. A good ol' Ballard girl only wears makeup three times: her prom, her wedding and in 'er casket.

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