On the agenda: Ballard District Council meeting

Tonight is the monthly Ballard District Council meeting from 7 to 8:40 p.m. in the conference room at the Ballard Library (5614 22nd Ave NW). Here is the agenda from the Ballard District’s website:

7 PM Short Announcements by Member Organization Representatives
Please hold announcements to not more than one minute.

7:15 Preserving Ballard’s Historical Landmarks, Karen Gordon, Historic Preservation Officer – City of Seattle

7:35 Improving Safety & Traffic Movement Through Downtown Ballard, Bill Bryant, Project Manager – SDOT
Seattle Department of Transportation proposes several improvements which they hope will address traffic congestion and improve transit efficiency along NW Market Street.

8:00 Briefing – Redevelopment of Former Seattle City Light Sunset Hill Substation, Robert Drucker, Friends of Sunset Substation

8:10 2010 NPF (Neighborhood Projects Funds) Priorities, Dennis Galvin, Ballard District NPF Review Committee
Annually, district councils are asked to develop a list of five priority projects which they recommend be funded from the NPF. Out of a list of 42 proposals from the Ballard district, these five will be evaluated for cost and feasibility by City SDOT.
Discussion and Vote

8:20 Staff Report

1. Ballard district projects proposed for funding from the Parks Green Space Levy
2. Converting our street lights in Ballard from sodium vapor to LED technology

8:35 Strategic Planning Committee, Catherine Weatbrook

1. Rezone of industrial lands in Ballard’s Hub Urban Village
2. 15 Avenue West Transportation Coalition

8:35 Executive Committee

1. Ballard DC membership application – Canal Station Condominium Association

8:40 Adjourn

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