Listing barge off Shilshole

Updated: John sent us this photo of two barges filled with sand off Shilshole, one is obviously tilting listing.

“You can’t tell from this picture, but that front loader is being operated, not just sitting there,” he writes, describing the heavy equipment on the barge that’s tilting listing. We spoke with Petty Officer Molle with the US Coast Guard who tells us the barge is redistributing sand into the water.

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9 thoughts to “Listing barge off Shilshole”

  1. Vessels on the water don't “tilt”, they “list”. And what the heck does “redestributing sand into the water” mean? Is that nautical speak? Is sand being moved between the barges? Now I am going to think about this all day. I emotionally need answers! Sheesh.

  2. Thank you! I wasn't sure I could sleep tonight. ;-)
    Funny, Geeky Swede. (From “Picky Swede”)
    So we are redistributing sand from one barge to the other, which it what it looks like with the “elevator” between them. Hope they don't lose that frontloader in the drink, they are spendy. I reckon the barge has multiple air compartments? Don't side swipe any icebergs in the mean time. Great picture.

  3. Listing is not really the proper word. Listing occurs when a vessel has either its port or starboard side down(leaning). The term to be used is”down by the head or stern”. With a barge,however, it is hard to tell which is which.But what is going on there?

  4. Excellent point, I stand corrected. What a bunch of landlubbers here, eh?! Good thing the barge isn't square, then it would have to be “listing down”. I don't think a barge has a bow or stern unless it is underway.

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