Garbage haulers return to work

After a short stint on the picket lines, Teamsters Local 174 union members have agreed to go back to work. According to our news partners, the Seattle Times, the garbage haulers feared that if the strike continued, Waste Management might begin to lock out union members, which happened a few years ago in California. The strike officially started on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. Seattle Public Utilities says that customers whose garbage was not collected this week because of the strike can set out up to twice their garbage, yard waste and recycling on their next regular collection day at no additional cost.

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4 thoughts to “Garbage haulers return to work”

  1. It is interesting that they went on strike on Earth Day. Aside from union issues, the symbolism of not picking up house hold waste on Earth Day is rather striking.

    pun intended.

  2. RE: Damn, I was really wishing they would bust these unions out.

    I bet you’d say that about your own income if it was going to cut. I bet you think you’re worth every penny you make.

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