‘Sustainable’ front door vandalized

“Last night around 7-8ish I saw one SPD unit and one Port of Seattle unit on Market and the door to Sustainable looked pretty smashed up. Anyone hear anything or know what happened?” Rudy asks in the forum.

We spoke with an employee who works at the store located on the corner of 20th Ave NW and NW Market. He tells us that according to the police report, someone kicked the door a half dozen times, significantly cracking the glass. The person did not make entry and did not take anything. No word on if an arrest was made.

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I walked by there about that time and saw them take one person away in a police car. There were three police cars there (one may have been the port). It looked like someone had just smashed the bottom pane of glass in the right door. Don't know why they did it.


Yeah, I walked by in the evening around 7:30…after the vandalizing party had been removed. The bottom pane of glass looked pretty badly smashed in.


I WUZ ACROXT The Street,By the “Low-DIVE”(Sic) during the incident!
An drunky munkie in a blue coat,scruffy with 2 white bags of clothes,stood faceing the street.
He seemed upset at someone,began kicking backwards against the facade of glass behind.
A couple people loungeing/smokeing kitty-corner on street,called it in to spd.
Funny,an old,Broderick-Crawford Hiway Patrol-type,Port Police car,drove by,didn't see anything and did a U-ie,drove back.
Then,parked slowly,and an black-clad port police(K.C.Sherriff?)stumbled out,leisureley jay-walked over to the fellow,whom seemed to wish to be arrested prefunctorily.
Two Spd standard cars pulled up about 10 minutes later.
An long palaver of a few minutes occurred,with the famous indigent in the yellow jacket from the Commons,whom was closeley associated with this incident,being there for about 20 minutes before cops pulled up…
Finally,the fellow was cuffed and,cops stood around for 30 minutes until an seargeant signed an o.k. form for the arrest.
Pretty dull,for an dull day.
“Dragged-Nett..Dumb,Da Dumb-Dumb!!”
Signed:”Robo Bum One”(q.v.)