Caffe Fiore hosts ‘Big Community Party’ in Ballard

Caffe Fiore is throwing a “Big Community Party” on Friday night at the Ballard location (5405 Leary Ave NW). They’ll be serving up beer and wine from 7 to 10 p.m., Dante’s Inferno Dogs and Parfait Ice Cream will also be there. “Essentially we are celebrating our recent award from Seattle Magazine for ‘Seattle’s best independent coffee shop’, as well as our three year anniversary at the Ballard location and the fact that we will be staying open until 10pm at the Ballard location Monday-Saturday from now on!” Katrine Callahan, the Caffe Fiore general manager emailed us.

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Mayor McCheese
Mayor McCheese

I'll bring a bottle of Ketel One and be spiking mochas! Let's have a party!