Grocery Outlet grand opening May 8th

The new Grocery Outlet at 8700 15th Ave NW will hold its grand opening on May 8th.

Photo from Feb. 2010.

Owner Steve Campbell has been in the grocery business for 25 years and is impressed with Grocery Outlet. “The first time I walked into Grocery Outlet, the thing that shocked me the most was the quality of customer service. You don’t always equate customer service with discount or bargain stores,” Campbell told us earlier this year. That customer service, he tells us, is something that will be prominent at the new Crown Hill store.

Campbell has hired 30 employees, most of whom live within a 5-mile radius of the store. “We’re excited about putting people back to work in a down economy,” Campbell says. Campbell is also big on philanthropy. He plans to work with the Ballard Food Bank and the Seattle Milk Fund.

The store will celebrate its opening on Saturday, May 8 with games, give-aways and free food samples. The first 700 customers will get a free eco-friendly Grocery Outlet bags. There will be a local charity fundraiser for the Ballard Food Bank and customers will have the chance to win more than $3,300 in prizes.

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7 thoughts to “Grocery Outlet grand opening May 8th”

  1. This will be great. I look forward to having another nearby grocery store that I like as much as Trader Joe’s and Fred Meyer. And not having to drive all the way to north Seattle anymore will be awesome.

  2. Can’t wait! Just wait till you see the deals they have on wine. I also like their cheeses. You can find a lot of gems at the G.O.

  3. Sign of the times, here. Who would have thought a discount grocery store would do business in a neighborhood with 1/2 million dollar homes?

    I have fond memories of the GO in college. Rice Crispies with boxes in Arabic and Russian, 99 cent pints of “mystery” Ben and Jerry’s (the only thing you know for sure is it’s not the flavor the label says it is…). Good times.

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