Armed robbery at Blockbuster on 15th

Seattle police are looking for a suspect who robbed the Blockbuster at NW 59th St and 15th Ave NW. According to police spokeswoman Renee Witt, the call came in at 1:35 this afternoon after a white male in a black hoodie over his face entered the store armed with a handgun. Witt tells us that the suspect was able to get away but police and K9 are searching the area. The King County Sheriff Department’s ‘Guardian One’ helicopter has been called in to help the search. No one in the Blockbuster was injured. (Thanks King5 for the tip.)

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20 thoughts to “Armed robbery at Blockbuster on 15th”

  1. Do you have more of a description? I just saw a guy hanging around a wooded area near 49th/Greenwood wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and wearing a backpack. Not far from Blockbuster.

  2. Figured something was up, I heard and saw a helicopter hovering near 63rd and 14th around 40 minutes ago, but now it’s all quiet.

  3. Just moved into the neighborhood and not exactly thrilled to have a an armed robbery a block away! Hope this is an isolated incident.

  4. Welcome to Ballard. It’s not the norm, but it does happen. I can think of 4 different robberies in the last 12 months around where you live….Is that too many?

  5. @More Info- call the cops now, dumbass

    @carlman- Welcome to the jungle, armed robbery is the norm. But at least no gas station attendants were murdered or restaurant managers knifed.

  6. Well I guess I should look out for guys with guns and knifes then…especially at movie stores and gas stations. Just glad I don’t live on drugs/murder/prostitution/hell row (aka Aurora).

  7. Oh, great. Hoodie dude with handgun who likes to knock over video stores. The cops busted a guy just like this in January after he stupidly robbed Bartell’s for drugs. Same guy? Is he out on bail?

  8. Good for them! There is a known level 3 sex offender (likely to re-offend) that works at BB. There have been many reports of people seeing him around Saint Al’s and Taco Bell after he is off of work. BB is a dieing business and they need to die. Netflix all the way.

  9. are sex offenders not allowed to hang out near their workplace?

    does Lathum really think ‘more info’ will listen to him after being called a ‘dumbass’?

  10. Hey NWCitizen…fill us in, who is it! It is public record who is a sex offender in the area. I go in there with my 12 year old all the time ands I’d like to know who could be eying my son. Is there a link to his offender page w/law enforcement?

  11. poolpiddler- NOT the same guy. That guy is in jail and will be for a while. And he robbed Walgreen’s, not Bartell’s.
    nwcitizen- Wow. 1) You need to learn how to spell. 2) Just because a business is dying it’s prefectly okay to rob them? That’s pretty messed up. 3) A person can’t get a second chance? It’s not your job to persecute this man, so don’t judge.

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