Mining rig heads through the Locks to Alaska

Check out this photo that Steven sent us of a barge heading through the Locks. He says in an email that he’s still in awe of the massive size and the ability to squeeze it through the large locks.

He tells us that the rig is used for mining up in Alaska. “They have to time it right to get to their destination due to the ice,” he says.

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7 thoughts to “Mining rig heads through the Locks to Alaska”

  1. it’s pretty tall, but hardly needed to be ‘squeezed through’ the locks.

    I’ve seen ships go through there with a few inches to spare on either side.

    there’s also a photograph at the upstairs visitor center showing a really, really big ship that had to be turned at a funny angle to make it fit.

  2. How on earth did I miss that? What time did it come/go?

    I work right by the Locks; anything the size of the Argosy boats or larger tend to catch my attention…

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