Get your bike ready for summer

If your bike needs a little TLC before summer, bring your bike to the Spring Tweak on Saturday.

The fundraiser will be held from noon to 3 p.m. at Bike Sport (5601 24th Ave NW). Market Street Cycling Club will perform basic bike maintenance such as cleaning, adjusting brakes, and changing flats. If you need further service, they’ll recommend you talk with the shop mechanics at Bike Sport. All money raised will go towards scholarships for youth to attend cycling camps at Bike Works.

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BikeSport is great. Really friendly, helpful staff.

Unbelievable that they’re not open on Sunday, or past 6PM on weekdays. I mean, good on them for making it work, and all; they’re a small business and it’s tough to staff 7 days. But it’s sort of staggering that they can get by when they’re only open about half the time a typical cyclist might actually want to stop in.


Exactly gurple.

Last Sunday Greg’s Greenlake Cycles scored 150 of my dollars on stuff that I would have bought at BikeSport except that I never get home from work until after 6:00 and I was busy on Saturday. I didn’t want to make the trip but got to eat at Rositas to make it worth it.