Update on Ballard & Loyal Heights community centers

Concern continues to grow about the future of both the Ballard and Loyal Heights community centers. Today, MyBallard learned the city’s Parks Department submitted its “budget papers” for 2011, which identify issues and potential service cuts. We’re told some facilities are on that list, but a spokesperson for the Parks Department could not provide any specifics to MyBallard until the mayor’s office makes its recommendations. Because of their proximity, one of the two centers in our neighborhood is considered at risk.  As for the rest of 2010, the mayor is set to announce mid-year budget cuts around June 1. 

Earlier this month, Ballard residents turned out in force at a city budget hearing.  They carried signs and spoke to the City Council and mayor, urging them to keep both facilities open.  The Ballard pool is also at risk of closure.   An online petition to keep both community centers open now has over 1100 signatures.

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One thought to “Update on Ballard & Loyal Heights community centers”

  1. Yes, we don’t have money to keep these neighborhood treasures open. Sorry, we spent it all on useless webcams to show you how bad the traffic is on 15th.

    Because, well, nobody ever knew the traffic on 15th gets backed up during the morning and evening commute hours. Sure, anybody who has been in Ballard for more than 24 hours knows that, but the geniuses sitting in the SDOT offices downtown never knew that. Now they can sit there and watch the traffic back up, while they dream up “visionary” ways to make it even worse.

    Meanwhile, they’ll close a Community Center because, you know, money’s tight. So sorry.

    Thanks, McGinn!

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