Share the Road, it’s Bike to Work Day

Thousands more bicyclists than usual will be riding today, because it’s the annual Bike to Work Day.

Cascade Bicycle Club has teamed up with a number of other businesses to provide 44 commute stations throughout the region, offering freebies like water bottles and snacks, providing information on cycling, and some even have bicycle technicians ready to fix your flat tire.

At the Ballard commuter station behind Hale’s Ales, Christa Michel of Ballard’s Bike Sport marveled at the number of riders this morning and in general. “It’s a lot of pepole. A lot more women this year. We sold out of our women’s bikes this year.”

In Fremont, hundreds of cyclists stopped to grab free goodies, including water bottles and safety lights from Bike to Work sponsor F5, as well as bike bells and socks from Smartwool (if you were willing to trade in the pair you were wearing).

At about 7:30, 100+ riders followed Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn up Dexter Avenue and into downtown Seattle for a Cascade Bicycle Club bike rally outside City Hall.

Later today, Ballard will continue the biking fun with its Summer Streets party. From 4-7 p.m. along 22nd Avenue between Ballard Avenue NW and NW Market Street, the street will be closed to cars and opened up to cyclists for free bike maintenance, a spin on the seven-seat conference bike by the Dutch Bicycle Company, booths with cycling-related giveaways, and more.

5 thoughts to “Share the Road, it’s Bike to Work Day”

  1. Instead of “Share the Road”, the slogan should be “Obey the Traffic Laws”….lots’ of newbies out there not knowing how to ride the streets properly.

  2. I assume your “obey the traffic laws” comment was aimed at drivers, riding in cars/trucks. I saw a number of rolling stops this a.m. by cars and trucks alike. You have the “newbie” part wrong though…they were all old enough to know better.

  3. Yes Zipperhead, cars and trucks disobey traffic laws as well. Bad, bad drivers….

    My comment, as you well know, referred to the number of new cyclists who participated in Bike to Work Day…and my obesrvations where that quite a few of them were not following the rules of the road (or traffic laws)

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