Woman attacked with stun gun in North Beach

MyBallard has learned that a woman in North Beach is one of three victims of a group that’s been attacking women with stun guns.  The attack in our area happened May 19 in the 9300 block of 22nd Ave NW.  The woman had just returned from a trip to the grocery store when the group tried to use the stun gun on her.  They missed, but she fell and hit her head.  The group took her wallet and fled in a silver sedan.

The same thing happened to a woman in Fremont on May 17 and a woman in Greenwood on May 20.  Seattle Police tell us they believe the same people are responsible for all 3 attacks.  The suspects are described as a black man in his mid 20’s with a slender build, a heavyset black woman in her 20’s, and an Asian woman.  In each case, they fled in a silver sedan.  That car, which turned out to be stolen, was later found abandoned.  The search for the attackers continues.

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  1. I am used to this sort of crime as I live in the SF Bay Area but it breaks my heart that you too are getting more than your fair share of hateful, malicious crimes lately. Seattle holds a special place in my heart and the last time I was there (2004) crime seemed pretty non-existent. We spent a month living there hoping to find jobs so that we could move away from the Bay Area. I guess it’s true, no place is immune to crime.
    I hope this woman will be okay and these losers are caught quickly.

  2. Break ins in North Beach again, this time in the middle of the night, stole cars, electronics, etc. Please neighbors, watch out for each other and don’t overthink calling authorities for any strange behavior!!!

  3. Car stolen from the North Beach area the night of May 17th (sometime between 9 and 5:30 in the am). Hope this doesn’t turn into the norm in our neighborhood! Let’s help take care of one another!

  4. This is horrible. Jeezus. Can folks give more information on the stolen cars and break ins? Intersections? How did you hear about them? If there’s a group in North Beach exchanging crime watch stuff, I’d be interested in joining.

  5. From the address, it looks like this actually happened in Olympic Manor which is an area with a lot of older people. Very sad and pathetic way to make money. I hope they catch them.

  6. “Good God. When I hear about stuff like this, it makes me want to move back to the country.”

    Run the crime stats for a lot of the rural areas and the crime is much worse on a per capita basis. It just seems worse here because there’s more people in less area so more crime per square mile, but equal or less crime per 10,000 people. Besides where are you going to get good sushi or Thai food in the country?
    Stay alert, be smart, and enjoy life wherever you live.

  7. At least 1, if not both, of the other attacks were also while the victim was unloading groceries. Deductive reasoning would suggest that the criminals are scouting victims when they check out. I would guess that the women paid with debit cards and got cash back. The attackers then follow the victims home. Motorcycle thefts were conducted by following people home. Seems the same MO.

  8. Interesting observation motorrad. We see it in the movies all the time, but it baffles me how someone could actually be followed without noticing. I’m one of those hyper sensitive folks who keeps my eyes glued to the mirrors. If the same car follows me for more than a few blocks, my palms get sweaty.

  9. Crime in Seattle? Really? And some are worried about their sushi? Just keep thinking that guns are the preblem and this’ll get even worse. In fact I’m still waiting for many here to get very brave and stick a sign in YOUR front yard telling the entire world : this house has no guns in it. Fiddle away worrying about what AZ does with their state while our city goes to bleep. Cops aren’t ever going to be everywhere at once. Time to man-up and protect our stuff. And don’t ask McGinn for anything. He’s busy riding his bike and dealing with real issues. NOT.

  10. I’ve said it before, but the issues of the day for the next few years will not be transportation, but law & order and human services. Sure all this talk about shareways and nickerson… whatever! If they close the Ballard community center, its going to become a giant unused space that attracts lowlifes!

  11. Black Mercedes Stolen in middle of Night on May 24th in North Beach. 4 door sedan, plates are the name of person, so very recognizable. 1990/1991 SDL.

    Be on the lookout, this is an inside job, and another happened just 2 days ago on Golden Ave in North Beach. Someone in the neighborhood is what cops suspect.

  12. License Plate: ZSUZSA if they haven’t already removed them. Again, older Benz, but MINT condition.

    Black, 4 Door, Huge (longest version of mercedes).

    Call 911 Immediately if you see it. Let’s get some prints or hopefully find someone driving it…

  13. Sounds like a viable theory Motorrad. You could easily be followed if you didn’t know you needed to be paranoid.

    I wonder if Holman QFC is a common link?

  14. “You can only hope they try this to someone with a permitted gun and they get shot.”

    maybe we’d get lucky but that’s not the way it usually goes down.

  15. this was close to my moms house! pretty scary that these dumb kids are targeting older women! i belive that these kids are part of the kids that were invold in the “ballard fight club?” i hope they get caught and put in jail!

  16. We should ask the managers of Safeway, the QFCs and Ballard and greenwood markets to post signs about women returning home with groceries being targeted. It’s the responsible thing to do and they should be happy to help spread the word!

  17. On Tues night, May 25th, someone called Dominoe’s and ordered pizza, giving an address of a house whose owner’s weren’t home. When the pizza delivery guy showed up, he was robbed at knife-point by a 5’8″ man wearing a ski mask. This happened near the little park where 19th & 20th Ave. NW dead end right before 89th St. The park has also been the site of lots of partying lately, including last night. A neighbor called the police, who came and took one man away in handcuffs. Per neighbor, he didn’t fit the description of the robber from the previous night, but the car was a silver Nissan …

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