Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint

A man delivering pizza to a Ballard home was robbed at knifepoint by a man wearing a ski mask.   A police report obtained by MyBallard shows the crime happened last Wednesday, May 26 at 10pm in the 8700 block of 19th Ave NW.  The pizza delivery man had just gotten out of the car when the robber, a man described as white, 5’8″, wearing black gloves, jacket and a ski mask, surprised him with the knife and demanded money.  The thief only got away with $20.  It turns out the people living at the home where the delivery was made never ordered pizza.  It’s not clear how the thief got their phone number. (Thanks Sally for the tip!)

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10 thoughts to “Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint”

  1. Wow. Order pizza to a house, lie in wait, rob delivery man.

    That’s got to be right up there with shaking down elementary school kids for lunch money on the list of “get rich extremely slowly and with jail time” ideas.

  2. Wow! If I were willing to risk armed robbery charges and/or confronting an armed victim, I think I’d want just a LITTLE better return on my investment.

  3. I worked at a pizza hut delivery place for a number of years in high school and this kind of thing would happen often. Though usually it was a couple teenagers who would just grab the pizza and run for it. But occasionally the guy wanted the money too. We actually started confirming orders by calling back the number they gave because it was getting so bad one summer.

  4. I think these joints should simply ask ’em right off the top if they’re a robber or not. You know, get those tough questions out of the way. Obvious time for pizza-cams on every dashboard that delivers pizza. Yes folks, we need a new tax on pizza. See just how freaking easy this is!

  5. scary. I used to deliver pizzas, and I hated doing it at night for fear of something like this… also, this was really close to my house! :(

  6. Long time ago I lived in SF, Ca and I ordered a pizza and my pizza delivery guy was robbed. Next morning I hear some neighbors fighting and it sounded bad so I called the PD. They came and I showed them where it was. A little later the cop came and told me what happened; apparently a couple were fighting and she was yelling at him for being out all night. The cops said the guy had robbed a pizza guy and his wife and him were fighting about that. Hey! I told the cop about my pizza guy; well, it was the same guy, he robbed him of cash and the pizza right outside that prev. night and that was my pizza! The perp actually got sick from food poisoning from the pizza!! INSTANT justice!!

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