An unusual visitor makes for quite the buzz

It seems that even the queen likes to take a trip to the park every now and then.

On Wednesday afternoon as kids were busy playing on the field behind Salmon Bay School, there was some unusual activity near the track. Brad sent us these photos and says, “A bunch of bees had swarmed over from a nearby hive and gathered in a pile at the north end of the track.”

“A gentleman arrived that has hives in the area and he was able to save them all and take them away,” Brad says. “His guess was that they followed the queen bee to the park and then swarmed all over her to protect her.” (Thanks Brad!)

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7 thoughts to “An unusual visitor makes for quite the buzz”

  1. Glad there was someone in the neighborhood who knows how to handle bees! As long as the kids didn’t go near the queen the bees would leave them alone so no real danger of getting stung (unless one was to jump right into the swarm).

  2. Wow, bees. Are they new here? Nobody died. Guess they’re not killers. Probably on parole though. Hope this guy checked their ID’s. Isn’t nature wonderful! The bewick wrens are way cool in Ballard too.

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