Crosswalk improvements for Leary Ave NW

This summer the Seattle Department of Transportation will spend about $35,000 to improve the crosswalk on Leary Ave NW between 20th Ave NW and NW Market.

Changes include ladder style crosswalk markings in the street, overhead flood lighting in the crosswalk zone, a vehicle stop line for southbound traffic, new signage, the removal of one tree on the west side of the street, new light poles and new parking restrictions on the east and west side of the street for a distance of 35 feet in advance of the crosswalk. The work will take about seven days and will completed at some point before Labor Day.

A second phase, which is on the calendar for early next year, includes adding “curb bulbs” on either end of the crosswalk. The improvements to this crosswalk was requested by residents of Ballard Landmark and Canal Station, which are developments on either side of the crosswalk.

SDOT is looking at other pedestrian issues along Leary Ave NW. Changes may include modifications to the traffic patterns, new crosswalks, lighting, and signs at the intersection of 20 Ave NW and NW Leary. As of right now there is no funding for the additional improvements. SDOT is working with folks within the Ballard community to move the project forward.

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19 thoughts to “Crosswalk improvements for Leary Ave NW”

  1. Agreed! I love how this picture shows someone crossing where there is not a designated crosswalk. This is the location that there needs to be one!!!

  2. Now I won’t get to swear at the drivers who don’t understand how crosswalks work.

    Well, at least my safety will be increased–silver lining and all.

  3. This is great news. Does it bug anyone else that only a small amount of drivers actually stop to allow people in crosswalks to cross. Seattle is suppose to be a pedestrian friendly town and it seems that either downtown or in Ballard – I have almost been struck by inattentive or speeding drivers while in the cross walk. Especially, at this one where elderly people have almost been wiped out.

  4. This intersection has been a ped hazard for years and years…long before Ballard Landshark and Banal Station were even developed.

    Oops, I meant Ballard Landmark and Canal Station. Freudian slip.

  5. i’m all for safety, but it seems with every new developement or business, there are more crosswalks, more traffic lights, etc. driving n. on 24th today, there are crosswalks and lights seemingly every block – not all of them are needed, imo.

    i’d love to see the city get rid of the crosswalk mid block btw 24th and leary. there are crosswalks at the corner of 24th and market, and also ALL THE WAY down the block at market and leary.

  6. Because they pack the people into smaller spaces, creating higher density than the current infrastructure allows for. Therefore, they should pony up to better the infrastructure they are imposing themselves on.

  7. @phinneychick: That person is crossing in a legal crosswalk which happens to be unmarked. I’d think that the law saying it’s a crosswalk is enough “designation”, but apparently folks (drivers in particular) don’t care about the law until there are lights and a ton of paint. Only then is it a “designated” crosswalk, and only then will they stop. Maybe.

  8. It’s a good start, but what’s really needed is a traffic light and realignment of the intersection at 20th and Leary. It’s a dangerous spot both for pedestrians and drivers trying to cross Leary.

  9. @anonymouse: By legal, you mean that it has a curb cut and therefore it is a crosswalk? Technically, you are right…but it would not hurt to have some better markings, yea? This is where the majority of people seem to be crossing but it is the least marked one in this 3-block stretch.

  10. Today, I almost got hit by a bus at the Leary intersection and in turn a car did not stop with people on each side of the intersection. This is a pedestrian friendly town – right! There needs to be harsher tickets for cars that do not stop for pedestrians crossing the street at a legal intersection or in a cross walk. It is ridiculous – slow down people!!!!!

  11. It’s about time. This portion of Leary is crazy and I’m glad to read there will be more attention to the existing street crossings. Way to go.

  12. I’d like to see some police stings here, ticketing nonstopping drivers when persons attempt to cross – I concur with all the opinions of drivers (I am one) being in too much of a hurry, and not paying attention to the ENTIRE right of way as they/we drive through it, ever attentive for the approaching ped or bike or car, for that matter.

    Remember, speed limit is 30 mph and if you drive faster than that, you’re a law breaker.
    Remember, right turn on red permitted, AFTER stopping, and if you don’t, you’re a lawbreaker.
    Remember, no texting and no cell phones to the ear, and if you do either, you’re a lawbreaker.

    All this lawbreaking makes the world a more dangerous place for those ‘vulnerable roadway users’

    What’s the hurry…you’re in Ballard!

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