‘Unique’ art exhibit opens at Carkeek Park

For the second year, Carkeek Park (950 NW Carkeek Park Rd.) has been transformed into a unique art exhibit.

Artist Sylwia Tur, Rungs. Photo courtesy David Fancis

Seattle Parks and Recreation
, the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council have teamed up to bring the second installment of the Heaven and Earth exhibit back to Carkeek.

Artist Ken Turner, Broken Obelisk. Photo courtesy David Francis

The walking tour of the 15 to 20 pieces of art was created by 12 artists. The entire tour takes about an hour, although some pieces can be seen from the road so you don’t necessarily have to dedicate an hour. “The theme concerns the natural world in a time of dramatic change,” a press release from Seattle Parks states, “Some of the art is designed to weather in place and erode, while other work incorporates movement and interactive use by visitors.” The art will be on display through September 26th. A map of the tour can be found here (.pdf).

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It just so happens that my husband and I started our new walking regime at 6:00 am this morning and saw this art. We were not sure what is was but now we do. It is cool. Some of it you’ll find on the trails.