New curbs coming to 28th Ave NW

The city is installing curbs along 28th Ave NW after requests from neighbors.

Starting either Friday, July 23rd or Monday, July 26th, Seattle Department of Transportation crews will begin adding curbs on both sides of 28th Ave between NW 56th and 57th and one-half block just south of NW 56th on the east side of the street. “The curb will provide a better walking environment by creating a buffer between the sidewalk and the street, and will provide a protected area for landscaping by preventing cars from parking on the planting strip area,” a release from SDOT states. Crews anticipate this project lasting up to four weeks and parking along 28th Ave in this area will be blocked off during construction.

Trees will be planted on both sides of the street later this fall making the width of the street the standard size for residential streets, similar to blocks just north of this area. The parallel parking on either side of the street won’t be affected once the construction is complete. This project is funded by the Neighborhood Projects Fund.

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22 thoughts to “New curbs coming to 28th Ave NW”

  1. No EPG, this strip is mostly owned by homeowners. The reason you see so many cars is that many bus riders park their during the day and hop the bus on Market. Luckily, the new curbs still allow for parking in this area. What really needs to change are the garage requirements for townhouses…they are so small and hard to get into no one can realistically park in them. Also, I’d be okay with zoning these blocks to allow local residents to park closer to their houses and discourage others visiting downtown Ballard from parking there.

  2. SPG” Curb your enthusiasm. Isn’t this stretch almost entirely rentals?” There are some rentals sprinkled around, but most of them are owner occupied.

  3. C’mon, it’s a city now, who says you get parking right in front of your place? Such an odd expectation, especially so close to a “downtown core”.

  4. A great use of the city’s money at a time when they can’t put cops on the street and when they’re closing community centers. Curbs for the condos – hooray for the vision!

  5. Just some facts since there are so many non sequiters and misstated bits of rhetoric in the comments:
    1) There are no condos here. These are zero lot line townhomes with homeowners living in them, only one rental that I know of along the stretch.
    2) This was funded by the Neighborhood projects Fund, which doesn’t have anything to do with cops or community centers.

    Now, my opinion: Any projects in the city keep jobs. Jobs are good. Projects show our city to be vibrant, active and growing…would you prefer the streets of Detroit?

  6. Hooray for the sidewalks – it’s about time.

    This area is mostly homeowner occupied – but what if it was rental occupied? They don’t deserve sidewalks too ? Sidewalks help the community – not hinder it.

    And while I agree with the sentiment about a lack of police activity and community centers closing, etc…these are two completely separate funds – so it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I could scream about all the atrocities the city spends it’s money on (those crazy new screens along the I-5 corridor to display variable speed limits? WTF is THAT?) but at the end of the day – these are all coming from separate spending accounts and I’m anxious to make this part of 28th more accessible.

  7. Monkey Pilot: You guys in Greenwood have been getting lots of curbs AND sidewalks. Check out along Fremont north of 85th to 90th for instance. Probably nothing to do with Gwood’s McMayor?

    Also plenty of those “Got Sidewalks?” posters around Sandel park.

  8. Sorry if my confusion of which street this was added to the confusion of whether the point of raising property values via “curb appeal” was valid.
    Curbs for everyone! Yay curbs!

  9. SPG – the curb appeal was sort of a glib comment by me, but a real part of this. Of course the main reason in support of this change is that it improves the sidewalks, traffic, and parking in the area. Currently its a confused mess.

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