New features on My Ballard

We added a few new features here on My Ballard over the weekend, which you can visit via the navigation at the top of the page:

Events: We’ve added a new, enhanced events calendar that allows you to submit events directly, instead of sending us an email. (Please only submit Ballard community events — we will not approve events that are strictly commercial). You can also set up events alerts, forward events to friends, add events to your personal calendar and all kinds of good stuff.

Cameras: The Seattle Department of Transportation recently rolled out a bunch of new traffic cameras in Ballard and surrounding neighborhoods, and we’ve added them to our traffic cameras page.

Data: Powered by, the data page updates you on Ballard 911 dispatches, restaurant inspections, liquor licenses and building permits, to name a few. (Disclosure: Cory works for which owns

Newsletter: We recently launched a weekly newsletter with information about community events here in Ballard and in nearby North Seattle neighborhoods. We will soon highlight deals, as well.

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

18 thoughts to “New features on My Ballard”

  1. the last of your traffic camera shots (Aurora at Aloha) it says it is looking North – but clearly shows the downtown skyline – so it is looking should – you might want to correct that

  2. amazing how can be a member of the ballard chamber and still do so much, like this, for the community ;-)

    thanks geeky swedes for all you’ve done and continue to do for ballard

  3. Are the deals and events newsletters editorial or advertising?

    Why does My Ballard support the Ballard Chamber of Commerce and their lawsuit to stop the missing link bike trail?

    Every day this blog feels like less of a neighborhood blog and more of a business taking advantage.

    It seems the Forum regulars have moved to Facebook because of how some posters were getting favorable treatment.

  4. Pho,

    since you become more and more disillusioned with “every day”, then why don’t you stop reading and complaining/posting on it?

    then you can take some time to learn the purpose of local chambers of commerce, then you’ll understand why myballard, and 300+ other local businesses are members.

  5. …and one more thing….

    the “missing link” and the Burke Gilman are not “bike trails”. they are multi-use recreational trails for use by all…

  6. “Are the deals and events newsletters editorial or advertising?

    did you actually read the article before you posted?

    “We’ve added a new, enhanced events calendar that allows you to submit events directly, instead of sending us an email. (Please only submit Ballard community events — we will not approve events that are strictly commercial).”

    I think that clearly answers your question…not really sure why it needed to even be asked?

  7. What counts as “strictly commercial”

    Seafoodfest, which is fundraiser for the Chamber?

    A coach selling books inside a bookstore?

    A fundraiser for a civil lawsuit against an artist?

  8. If the Swedes are proud to be part of the Chamber and the lawsuit to stop the trail then I imagine they want everybody to know.

    They should clearly state if events and “deals” in the newsletter are paid for.

  9. Typical ignorant pro trail spammer.

    What part of commercial don’t you understand?

    Please show me proof that Seafoodfest is a fundraiser. Got numbers? How much of a profit from the “fundraiser” did they realize? You must know someone at the chamber to be able to claim it’s a fundraiser.

    The book signing was for a charitable non profit in LA. What does that have to do with the chamber?

    The artist tiff was a news article both sides were reported. Please prove the BCC was the organizer for this fundraiser.

    If your going to post please provide facts to your outrageous statements.

  10. Sven said…

    “Please show me proof that Seafoodfest is a fundraiser. ”

    From the MyBallard article posted July 8th, titled Your Guide to SeafoodFest 2010…

    “This is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Ballard Chamber of Commerce.”

    You wanted proof, you got proof.
    Look it up Sven. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not the facts.

    By the way, In my opinion the BCC sucks.

  11. OK now I am going to say it once – everyone go to your room for your time out and when your done pouting you can come out and have some trolls to snack on…..

  12. i believe the only funds raised for hte BCoC are the ones they raise by selling posters, t-shirts, etc. at the main seafood fest information booth. perhaps they also sold raffle tickets?

    if you bought food or crafts from a vendor booth, you didn’t give any money directly to the BCoC.

    and if you just walked around, let your kids play on the free rides, do the free arts & crafts, and listen to the free music, then you’ve given nothing whatsoever to the BCoC.

  13. sailor,

    if you think the BCoC sucks, then why do you read and post on, which is a BCoC member?

    btw, so is swedish hospital, kavu, hattie’s hat, and 300+ other businesses in ballard…

  14. Dear lord, here we go again.

    Just to clarify, the Geeky Swedes own this site. It’s private property. Meaning theirs, not yours. Meaning they can do whatever the hell they want with it. They owe you exactly nothing, not objectivity, not full disclosure, zip. If you don’t like it, start your own site.

    It is only because of their extreme patience and, I would guess, the desire for bigger traffic numbers, that they allow bike trail trolls to continue posting comments at all.

    sailor and pho should go back to 4chan where trolls belong.

  15. Good God, some of you trail people are the most annoying bunch of self-centered, self-righteous , narrow focused folks I’ve ever encountered.

  16. It’s a privately owned neighborhood news source, not a blog.

    There are costs associated with running it.

    Those costs are paid by selling advertising.

    The best way to meet potential advertisers? By joining neighborhood business associations.
    Quelle horror! Clutch the pearls!

    If you want a blog where you only get to read about neighborhood stuff posted by neighbors start your own. Soon.

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