Grub ‘N Pub Crawl for Tuesdays in Ballard

During this week’s “Tuesdays in Ballard,” the InBallard Merchants Association is throwing its first-ever Grub ‘N Pub Crawl and 39 shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in Ballard are participating.

Here’s how it works:
1) Get a Passport Card Pick up your Grub ‘N Pub Crawl Passport at any participating bar/restaurant/café or download it here (.pdf).

2) Show the Passport Card on 7/27 for one round of specially priced items at each participating location.

3) Enter to win. Crawl through Ballard on 7/27 and have your passport stamped at 4 locations to be entered into a drawing for more food & drink prizes!

(Disclosure: MyBallard is a member of the InBallard Merchants Association; the IBMA is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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5 thoughts to “Grub ‘N Pub Crawl for Tuesdays in Ballard”

  1. Does anyone know if there are there different specials for this event? Or just each business’ normal Tuesdays In Ballard special? And if they are different, is there any way to know what the deals are?

  2. I’m with you John – it would be nice to know if there was anything special for this event. Looked at the link and the regular Tuesday specials are so-so. I’d be hard pressed to find 4 participants that really had a special deal.

    Then again I am out and about in Ballard nearly every day – I guess my sort of folk are not the target audience for a pub crawl.

  3. We expect that each of the 39 participating restaurants and bars will kick it up a notch tonight for the Grub ‘N Pub Crawl. Everyone is doing something that works for their particular business and guest, so if you don’t see tonight’s specials posted on the specials page, you’ll hopefully be in for interesting surprises!

  4. We’re offering free wine tasting tonight from 4pm-6pm – Roses from Noble Wines, and additionally we’ll offer one of the Roses at a $4.00 glass pour, which is normally $7. Come by and get stamped for the Grub n’ Pub!

  5. Don’t know if this is going to be typical of the rest, but I walked by other coast a bit ago and they were advertising half off 6″ ragin’ cajuns between 4-7 for this event.

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