City looking at Ballard for future P-Patch sites

Ballard has been identified by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods as a potentially good neighborhood to grow the P-Patch Community Gardening Program and they’re looking for location suggestions.

Greg’s Garden P-Patch on 14th Ave NW.

Back in 2008, voters passed the Parks and Green Spaces Levy which allocates $2 million to expand the P-Patch program. “The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods wants to use this money in order to serve areas that are getting denser, have relatively high percentages of under-represented populations and are currently underserved by the P-Patch Community Gardening Program, as well as areas that are specifically called for in the Parks and Green Spaces Levy,” a release from the Department of Neighborhoods states. Ballard fits the criteria.

According to the Department of Neighborhoods, a good site is:

  • Publicly owned (or easily leasable at low or no cost)
  • Mostly flat and sunny
  • At least 5,000 square feet
  • If you know of a potential location in the Ballard area that might be a good fit, you can submit your idea here.

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    The founders of My Ballard

    13 thoughts to “City looking at Ballard for future P-Patch sites”

    1. We seem to have no shortage of empty lots around 15th and Market. We could have more than a P-Patch, a P-Farm!

      oh wait, that’s also bum central so it will indeed be a P-patch, but the other kind… Pee.

    2. “Until Ballard can rid itself of the bum cancer, it cannot have nice things.”

      Yep, agreed. Otherwise, all you do is make yet another place for them to defecate, and attract even more of the scumbags.

      More pee patches = a waste of money and only making things worse. No thanks..

    3. Is Ballard really overrun by ‘bums’? I am constantly hearing this as a response to so many posts on MyBallard. My family has lived in NE Ballard for 11 years. My husband has worked in downtown Ballard for about 6 years. The homeless issue doesn’t seem as bad to me as you all paint it to be. Are most of you living in the downtown / multi-unit housing core?

    4. “Is Ballard really overrun by ‘bums’?”

      Are you kidding? The 6 years I’ve been here they’ve sprouted like weeds, many moving up from downtown, following the trail of bread crumbs left behind by do-gooder churches and their absentee congregations and the professional pigeon feeder class.

    5. “Is Ballard really overrun by ‘bums’?”

      Yes, it is.

      Unfortunately, it’s also overrun by well-meaning, but naïve fools who think that all we have to do to solve all the world’s problems is to make Ballard as nice and comfortable for every creep and low-life that we can.

      In fact, the solution is to do exactly the opposite. Do everything you can, individually and collectively, to make the bums as miserable as possible.

    6. The Dennys Regrade (15th & Market) or the Sunset Hole (14th & Market) are my top picks followed by the Ballard Mosquito Nursery south of Ballard Blocks. (Trader Joes ruined my commute.)

    7. “Are most of you living in the downtown / multi-unit housing core?”

      Not us, we live north of Fred Meyer and south of Gilman Park. We are surrounded by bums on 3 sides. My opinion, they like to hang out in the “industrial/public” areas where they can hang out in relative peace after normal workday hours.

    8. “after normal workday hours.”

      You mean after our normal workday hours, not theirs. Work doesn’t seem a high priority for Ballard’s professional bum class.

      Now I have no problem with new Pee-patches as long as the police start enforcing public nuisance, loitering and drinking laws. You know, the same laws taxpayers would get arrested for breaking.

    9. most of you who are writing probably have an empty room or two in your home. wow, a great place to shelter someone in need. if they had what you do they wouldn’t be bums. I admit i don’t want an abuser/drunk/addict living with me but that’s the first step to getting their lives together, a home. stop dreaming of a life like “the real house wives” it’s just consumerist bs

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