Mr. Gyros opens Wednesday

After passing the final inspection on Tuesday, Mr. Gyros will open on Wednesday at the corner of 20th Ave NW and NW 56th St.

This is the second location for the Arsheed brothers. The pair opened their first casual Mediterranean restaurant in Greenwood (8411 Greenwood Ave N.) Joni Arsheed tells us they’ll open at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday if they get everything ready on time.

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24 thoughts to “Mr. Gyros opens Wednesday”

  1. Their place on Greenwood Ave. is cheap and tasty and the people who run it are ridiculously nice…hope the Ballard location is the same or better.

  2. We love Mr. Gyros (we've been to their Greenwood location many times) and the Arsheed brothers are the most kind and considerate restaurant owners you could ever find. Best of luck to them in their second location!
    Nina and Matt

  3. Great owners, always seem to remember a face. I wish them the best in Ballard, and this is a welcome addition among all the sushi, burgers and pizza places.

  4. I love Mr Gyros! Can't go wrong here! Waaaay better than Nikos. Great bunch of guys and wonderful food. Good Luck In Ballard Sammy and Joni!

  5. Considering I love Nikos and I hear Mr. Gyro is better, I'm soo excited. And finally, I was getting tired of driving my them everyday teasing me!

  6. Just ate a gyro platter here and it was delicious. Unbeknownst to me, the pita was underneath the main plate (is this usual?) and I accidentally threw it out after eating everything else. They were very nice and offered me another one, but at that point my brain had already decided the meal was over.

    Lesson learned: look under your plate. You never know what you might find.

  7. The number is 782-7777. I did make it for dinner last night about 5:20 and the place was hopping! We ate in and the line ended up nearly out the door while we watched.

    For the shish tawook fans from their Greenwood location, it's listed as the Chicken Kabob in Ballard.

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