Ballard Bridge work Monday and Tuesday

Work on the Ballard Bridge continues today and tomorrow, causing extra traffic into Ballard.

Photo courtesy the Seattle Department of Transportation.

According to Marybeth Turner with the Seattle Department of Transportation, work should wrap up by 2 p.m. today and by noon on Tuesday. During the work, the curb lane in the northbound direction will be closed so SDOT crews can replace four light poles as a temporary measure. Once SDOT is finished with the prep work, Seattle City Light crews will do the actual installation of the poles. Next year, all the lighting on the bridge will be replaced.

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  1. How will this “cause extra traffic”? I would think the amount of vehicles would remain the roughly the same. Extra traffic back-ups, maybe, since the same number of cars will be funneled into fewer lanes.

    But not “extra traffic”, unless there's another reason for more cars to be in the neighborhood.

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