Seattle Parks & Recreation furlough days

Seattle Parks and Recreation is taking furlough days on Friday, Sept. 10, and Monday, Sept. 13. It’s part of the 10 days without pay that city employees are taking to help with the budget shortfall.

On Friday, all swimming pools, community centers, and environmental learning centers will be closed, and there will be no grounds maintenance. On Monday, administrative offices, the planning and development division, and the Magnuson Park office will be closed.

Golf courses, the Amy Yee Tennis Center and all previously scheduled special events will operate as normal.

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7 thoughts to “Seattle Parks & Recreation furlough days”

  1. Come on, enough already. You’re not helping your cause with your constant caustic comments about the Chamber, right or wrong.

    Besides, furlough days are happening at every level of government in this state, and I gratefully applaud the government workers who are sacrificing their wages so we can all retain at least some of the benefits we have as citizens.

  2. I wonder if the city attorneys defending all of us taxpayers, at our expense, from the Chamber’s lawsuit are taking any furlough days.

    The Chamber sued. They could have accepted the split judgement or just appealed that part of it. But no they just had to appeal the entire thing.

    We can’t afford to keep parks and pools open but we need to pay for the Chamber’s lawsuit and then you have the audacity to come here and tell me I can’t even talk about it?

    The Ballard Chamber of Commerce and it’s members like MyBallard – thank you!! I didn’t want to go to a park tomorrow anyways.

  3. Government attorneys do take furlough days. I know this first-hand, thank you very much. And I didn’t say you can’t talk about it. You can talk about it until you’re blue in the face. You’re just not doing yourself or your cause any favors by blathering on about it here, and you may even be making it worse.

  4. I think you both (one and pho) have very valid points from both ends. This forum makes good sense to be able to voice an opinion and wake up some that have NO clue as to what is going on in our government. Keeps the comments coming

  5. pho,

    do you actually have any numbers that show how much the city is spending on the lawsuit? can you actually prove your claim that if the chamber wasn’t suing the city, they wouldn’t have to furlough city employees?

  6. pho,

    how much is the lawsuit costing the city?

    how big is the city’s annual budget shortfall?

    i’m willing to bet you that the former is miniscule compared to the latter

    but if you can prove me wrong, please do

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