Unusual landscaping in new traffic circle

A new traffic circle at NW 68th St and 34th Ave NW is “growing” some unusual landscaping.

A MyBallard reader emailed us this photo and says that the Seattle Department of Transportation finished the new circle off with dirt so neighbors are adding a little color. “On Saturday, we planted two pink flamingos in the circle,” the reader writes, “We expected them to disappear, but instead they have multiplied — as of Wednesday afternoon there were four!”

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15 thoughts to “Unusual landscaping in new traffic circle”

  1. I hope they stay around. The clocks that were hanging all over the tree on our traffic circle on 17th have mostly disappeared. Bummer.

  2. I wondered what happened to the ‘flock’ that nested in the tree at Archie McPhee’s (sp) when it was on Market Street. Now I know!!!

  3. It has come to my attention that those pink flamingos are all members of the Ballard Chamber, so I will have to boycott that traffic circle.

  4. There is a swamp in Beaverton by dog park–a couple of years there were 2 flamings out in the middle. In the spring there were 6 babies. Fun.

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