Norwegian architecture the focus at Nordic Heritage Museum

A new exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum focuses on contemporary Norwegian architecture. “Lost in Nature: The Architecture of Jarmund/Vigsnæs” features photographs and models created by the Oslo-based architecture firm Jarmund/Vigsnæs, which the artist is a partner. “This exhibition will highlight the Nordic tradition of creating elegant spaces that are sensitive to the natural landscape,” said Eric Nelson, executive director of the museum.

Although artist Einar Jarmund is from Norway, he received his Masters degree from the University of Washington and lived in Seattle before returning to his home country to start the firm.

The exhibit showcasing the contemporary architecture runs through November 14th at the Nordic Heritage Museum (3014 NW 67th St.) Admission is $6 general; $5 seniors & college students; $4 children over 5 years. Museum hours: Tues-Sat 10 am to 4 pm; Sun 12 noon to 4 pm; Mon closed. (Photo by Nils Petter Dale, courtesy of Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects.)

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11 thoughts to “Norwegian architecture the focus at Nordic Heritage Museum”

  1. Screw. Them.

    Erik Stangvik, the Nordic Heritage Museum’s “director of development” is a board member at the Ballard Chamber of Commerce.

    I wonder how these architects feel about suing cities that want to build bike trails.

  2. I’m amazed that the Nordic Heritage Museum would associate itself or its directors with the lawsuit to stop the Missing Link.

    I can’t support a museum that does not support our neighborhood families.

  3. Doug, If you’re going to hide behind bogus sock puppet accounts, at least have the courtesy to not name them after current members.

  4. BD, would it be impertinent to ask, what do you do to support our neighborhood families, other than bitch about a neighborhood group that takes a different view of a SINGLE issue than you do?

    Would you rather have the Trail than, say, Ballard Boys & Girls Club, Ballard NW Senior Center, Crown Hill Dental Care, Douglass Certified Prosthetics, Essential Foods, Goodwill Industries, Hattie’s Hat, Leif Erikson Hall, Norse Home, The Polyclinic, Quixote Foundation, Rotary Club, Skills Inc., St. Alphonsus School, Sustainable Ballard, Swedish Medical Center, and Wiggen & Sons Mortuary, ALL MEMBERS OF THE “EVIL” BALLARD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE?

    Do you do more for the community than these organizations and businesses? Do you do less harm, on balance?

    Get a f**kin’ grip, man. You’ve lost your perspective.

  5. I hope the bike trail never gets built, and I hope every over-priced store in Ballard succeeds.

    Good grief. Some of you people are obsessed beyond reason and hijack thread after thread

  6. By a wide majority, most retail stores, bars, and restaurants are not members of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce. It’s not even close to 50%.

  7. Then your needs are quite narrow, lucky you. Although, the next time you need medical or dental care, a beer, a loaf of bread, an artificial limb, education, or friends, perhaps you’ll do well to stand in the middle of your multi-use trail and try to flag someone down.

  8. Dead Biker
    Erik Stangvik also grew up on Sunset Hill, and I certainly remember him riding a bike around.

    For fanatics, the world is only ever seen in black and white.
    This is about the museum, NOT the freaking bike trail…which I was in support of, until the idiots on this board (notably Doug11) hijacked every thread, and cannot seem to stop banging the same damn drum. Let It Go.

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