Confusion over new location of ballot box

There is confusion about where to drop your ballot off in Ballard. Up until 2009, the drop box was at the Neighborhood Service Center. Now, it sits in front of the Ballard Library (5614 22nd Ave NW), which is just up the block from the previous location.

We went by the NSC this morning and found several signs on the window, including the one in the top right which directs voters to the new location. Despite this sign, voters are still confused. We directed one voter to the correct location this morning and received an email Friday evening citing our earlier post. “‘Ballot Drop Boxes open on October 14, and remain open 24 hours a day until Election Day, November 2 when they will close at 8:00 p.m.'” Dwyn writes, “and Ballard is one of the sites, but it was not open this evening around 4:15 p.m.” We spoke with Katie Gilliam with King County Elections who tells us the sign alerting voters of the new location was put up on Friday.

The new ballot drop box is almost directly in front of the library and is open for voters to slip ballots in 24 hours a day until Election Day, November 2nd when the box will close at 8 p.m.

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10 thoughts to “Confusion over new location of ballot box”

  1. We tried to find the drop box yesterday afternoon. The map is confusing – it makes it look like the drop box is around the corner, not in front of the library. Perhaps a clearer map or one oriented to where you are standing when you look at it. A sign with directions/explanation would help also. Oh, we did find it eventually.

  2. Every year, this sort of ballot box issue seems to come up, along with the associated complaints and confusion. What is so hard about just mailing in your ballot? I have been doing that for the last two decades without problems.

  3. Yes, 46 cents per year to participate in the democratic process is quite cruel and disenfranchising. The thing that strikes me is that by 86’ing these idiotic ballot boxes, our insolvent county could put the money to much better use.

  4. If you walk to the neighborhood service center from the south, you are looking for a slot in the building and not for something on the curb. My comment referred to the poorly done map.
    Let’s keep it clean and friendly folks.

  5. Confusion is not dumbness, making unwarranted assumptions is. As a matter of fact, we very carefully and thoroughly researched the initiatives and candidates so that we could make intelligent decisions. Like you, we are concerned that not all votes will take the time to do that.

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