Ballard trick-or-treat map is getting attention

Earlier this week we posted a trick-or-treat map that Ballard resident John Tynes created to urge families to take their kids around the neighborhood on Halloween.

The map has become so popular in Ballard that we’ve posted it across North Seattle. If you’re opening your doors to trick-or-treaters, add your address on the map above.

Tynes was on KUOW’s The Conversation with Ross Reynolds on Friday afternoon to talk about the trick-or-treating map. You can listen to the interview here.

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8 thoughts to “Ballard trick-or-treat map is getting attention”

  1. Doesn’t anyone else find this just kind of sad? Are there really streets in Ballard/North Seattle that children live on where their actual neighbors don’t hand out candy on Halloween, such that they have to go to a different street or neighborhood (or even worse, swarm local businesses or malls) to trick or treat?

  2. I think it’s the other way around. The commercial “trick or treat” events have sucked all the kids out of their neighborhoods. I know our TorT traffic dwindled to just about nothing as the Market Street event grew.

  3. I also like the “old school” style of leaving your porch light on to beckon the
    kids that candy is in store! Please don’t forget folks who don’t have internet access!

  4. Oh, clutch my pearls and prepare my fainting couch! How could anyone EVER have got an EXACT address for a house in Ballard??? Except by driving around and writing them down, or using Google Street View and looking for legible house numbers, or by downloading a zoning map from the city’s website that is CLEARLY LABELED WITH THE ADDRESS NUMBER OF EVERY FREAKING LOT ON EVERY FREAKING STREET. Or…or…or…

    And then my privacy might be invaded by someone sending me a letter! In my mailbox!! Which I might NOTICE among the hundred pieces of junk mail I receive every week!!!

    You are an incredible dnmb-@ss.

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