Reminder: Viaduct replacement hearing tonight

Learn more about the deep-bored tunnel option to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct this evening from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ballard High School (1418 NW 65th St). The meeting will be open-house style with display boards and staff to answer questions. Attendees will be able to leave on-the-record comments.

You can read more about the Viaduct replacement in our earlier post.

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    Sign the Petition outside Fred Meyer.

    It’s not too late. STOP THE TUNNEL NOW!!

  2. You can sign the petition outside Fred Meyer.

    Voters already voted down the tunnel. Let’s vote again, and again, and again until the politicians finally listen.

    NO TUNNEL. NO NEW VIADUCT. Deal with it, haters.

  3. Not if you have a good paying, demanding job that requires you use every hour productively…..we’re not all effing baristas or sales clerks.

  4. That’s funny because most of the women I see on bikes are at least 30-50lbs over weight…yet they still seem to think spandex is a right, not a privilege.

    As for the bus? Plenty of fat people on there spilling into two seats. In fact, I’d reckon a higher percentage of folks I see on buses in Seattle are fatties.

    My missus, bless her soul, is 5’6″ and still weighs in at 110lbs after 3 kids; she drives every where and wouldn’t be caught dead on a tricycle.

    Enjoy the rain.

  5. Ohhhhh you sound important!

    You must realllly need the most expensive tunnel in the country to meet your “demanding” job requirements.

  6. Actually they’re not yet authorized to start on the tunnel, just the approaches.

    Tunnel is going to be up for another vote.

    I guess even an “effing sales clerk” is more educated on the facts than you, dick.

  7. Yes, spandex is a privilege. Get the body for it, you can wear it. No one wants to see fat asses while driving to work, listening to NPR and sipping on their lattes. It spoils everything.

  8. Actually because the state is broke, we’ll probably just get to keep the viaduct and hold it up with duct tape. I only get nervous driving southbound, I figure going northbound you have a pretty chance of riding out the big one. And think about the view you’ll have?

    Enjoy the rain tomorrow ladies and please, for the love of god, if you’re over weight, no spandex. It ruins my commute.

  9. It is hard to read an idiotic post like yours and not flame. You know why people drive cars? It is more convenient. It is faster. It is easier. Those cars take people to jobs which then enables them to pay taxes. That’s what pays for our schools and transportation. That road bookends two major industrial areas. Those areas have some of the best paying blue collar jobs in the city. Lose that road and those jobs go too. Then people like you will bitch that the government isn’t doing enough to create jobs.. as if the government ever created a job.

    I don’t work in any of those places but I do use the viaduct a couple of times a month to go the airport. It is much, much faster and easier then getting on I5. For me to take a bus would entail a 2-3 hour trip- each way. Needless to say a bicycle to the airport is out of the question.

    Do we need a tunnel? No, that’s a stupid idea that the voters actually never approved. Should we have an elevated highway? Yes, we need an alternative to I5 and given our restricted land it is the best option. It is also the cheapest.

    Rebuild the viaduct.

  10. It is an industrial area you moron. The viaduct isn’t a road to a shopping mall or restaurant. It serves an almost entirely commercial purpose.

  11. What lesson is that? That a bunch of losers can’t committ to a decision? That we lack real leadership capable of actually leading? That decisions have to be revisited tens of times and still can’t be concluded? That consultent after consultant must be hired all in an effort to find a solution that everyone will love even if that isn’t possible?
    When SF built the BART they hired 4 consultants. So far over 45 different consultants have been hired regarding the viaduct.

    Seattle politics- nothing to be proud of.

  12. Again, we aren’t talking about driving to Loyal Heights or to the club for yoga. The viaduct is an industrial section of road. Cement trucks, packaging, city access, highway travel, etc.

    This has nothing to do with your kids and your minivan.


  13. Almost everything you buy, eat or use in our fair neighborhood got here on a truck that drove on the viaduct. Freight can’t take the bus. The idea that vehicle that uses the viaduct has the alternative of riding transit or taking a bike is myopic.

  14. Surely you are just baiting the conversation? I really, really hope so. In the event that you are the one who is actually that STUPID (as you put it) or just plain ignorant, as I’ll put it, GTS206 is correct, and you are not.

    Here’s how it works: Just south of town these huge boats dock. Ever wonder what all of the containers for semi trucks are doing in the lots right next to the water? Right! They are arrive full of stuff you buy. Everything from food to shoes arrives on those boats. Some of it from China but a lot of it from places as far away as California. See those really, really tall orange things next to the boats? Those are giant cranes. The boats dock and then the crains take the containers off the boats and put them on.. Trucks!! Those containers looks like semi truck trailers because that’s in fact what they are. Brilliant! Then those trucks, (here’s where you look really bad), get on roads like Hwy 99 and DRIVE to stores in places like Ballard.

    It gets better. Stuff that comes in to the airport? Yup. Lots and lots of that gets routed over the viaduct. Port of Tacoma? I bet you are catching on by now.. Hopefully anyway.

    Wait? What about the other direction? Right!!! Things that are made in Ballard, or Everett, or wherever, are trucked down to the port via the viaduct and those full containers are taken off the trucks and loaded back on the the waiting ships. Truely amazing!

    So without the viaduct the port would go away or be severly compromised. Needless to say routing traffic through the middle of downtown would be catastrophicly dumb. Attempting to jam another 130K vehicles per day into the pinch of I5 would also be dumb.

    This isn’t really a difficult decision, but people like you have made it so. That and a totally clueless and gutless electorate.

    Good luck- you are going to need it.

  15. “The boats dock and then the crains take the containers off the boats and put them on.. Trucks!! Those containers looks like semi truck trailers because that’s in fact what they are. Brilliant! Then those trucks, (here’s where you look really bad), get on roads like Hwy 99 and DRIVE to stores in places like Ballard. ”

    Actually Viaduct Lover, this is where YOU look bad. Intermodal containers are packed for global shipping, not local delivery. Typically a shipping container will be trucked from the port to a distribution warehouse before the goods are put out for local delivery, usually on smaller single axle trucks.

    Not that many large trucks use the viaduct, most go to I-5 via the Spokane st viaduct or use East Marginal Way. After the tunnel is built, and the Viaduct is removed (if “we” have the balls to actually get it done) there is going to be a pretty sweet freight corridor from East Marginal along Alaskan Way, OVER the railroad tracks, to Western/Elliot/15th.

    I know it’s hard to believe that Civil Engineers might know what they are doing, but north-south freight travel will likely be better when (if) this project is done.

  16. Gee Ernie, glad to know your are designing it. Perhaps you knew better though you wouldn’t be designing a tunnel in the first place since many trucks such as those with combusttible materials, can’t use it and there aren’t any exits for the cars either. Great “engineering”. That means all trucks have less options and cars too for that matter.

    Also, please let all of the companies located just south of the bridge know, the ones with large trucks, that they don’t use the viaduct. I’m referring to the cement factory, Boeing, the cardboard factory, the various metel working and iron facilities, the paint factory etc.

  17. it’s hard to read an idiotic quote like “cars take people to jobs” as if it’s the only way people can get to work and not flame.

    but I won’t. you’re not equipped for rational discourse as it is.

  18. “I know it’s hard to believe that Civil Engineers might know what they are doing”

    Biggest laugh of the day. Thanks for that. Hysterical. Seattle has so many examples and monuments to stupidity when it comes to city planning and engineering.

  19. You’re right, I should have been more specific. It should have been “Cars take people to real jobs”. Now go pour another latte or weave a hemp man purse or whatever it is you do.

  20. Your stupidity is staggering. It isn’t that we’ll starve, you dolt, it is that Ballard will be less desirable because it will be more difficult to bring goods in and out. Difficulty=expense.

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