School district announces snow make-up plan

Elementary students and those in K-8 schools will not have to make up last week’s two snow days, while high school students will have to attend classes for two extra days next summer, the district announced today.

The decision was made that no make-up days are needed for the younger students because “students were not scheduled to be in classes those two days – instead, parent-teacher conferences were planned for those days.” Those conferences will be rescheduled. “Our goal is that 100% of parent-teacher conferences are completed before winter break. Schools will be scheduling a combination of Saturday, late afternoon and evening opportunities to accomplish this,” the release from the district states. “The decision about this scheduling will be agreed by the school, please watch for announcements from your principal or teacher.” The last day of school for elementary students and K-8 students will be June 21st.

Two days will be tacked onto the end of the school year for the older kids, who were scheduled to be in class. The last day of school for middle and high school students will now be June 23rd.

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5 thoughts to “School district announces snow make-up plan”

  1. Wha? They don’t have any days in the “bank” for this? Isn’t this supposed to be just the tip of the iceberg? Lordy, our kids won’t be out until July 4th.

  2. They do have 2 snow-make up days. One is the day between semesters, and one is the teacher PD day/waiver day March 9. They are not using either of those days because in order to use them, it would need to be unilateral for K-12. Those conferences and days off for elementary schools threw a wrench in the works though.

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