Viking Bank collecting books for Ballard non-profit

Viking Bank (2237 NW 57th St) is collecting books for Page Ahead, a Ballard-based non-profit that promotes literacy. “Page Ahead operates on one simple and astounding fact: being read to as a youngster is the foremost predictor of academic success in childhood,” the website states.

The bank will be collecting the books until Thursday, December 23rd.

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3 thoughts to “Viking Bank collecting books for Ballard non-profit”

  1. I still read my old books to my grandchildren they are (5 and 7 yrs ) One of their favourite being *Susan’s Bears*. They love the stories and both have reading ages above their chronological age.
    Susan aka Wil’s Mum

    New is good but not always best!!

  2. Great organization! Children who don;t have access to books fall farther and farther behind in reading levels at school. While I agree that new isn’t always best, it is nice, especially when your family may not have a lot of money, to have something that is not a hand-me-down.

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