United Way day of service honors life of MLK Jr.

This Monday people will be volunteering in the community as a way to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

During the United Way day of service, one of those groups will be at the Small Faces Child Development Center (9250 14th NW.)

From the United Way:

We have a decorative brick wall adorning the west side of our building (a beautiful old elementary school built in 1918). This wall has been slowly falling apart for many years. Help us beautify and restore this wall for the safety of the children and the enjoyment of our neighbors across the street! Small Faces is a child centered program that provides preschool and school age children in the Northwest neighborhoods of Seattle a welcoming community where social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills are nurtured in a caring environment.

Although all 20 spots for the Crown Hill project are full, you can find other volunteer projects for MLK Day here.

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2 thoughts to “United Way day of service honors life of MLK Jr.”

  1. re-pointing bricks is no easy matter.

    can’t they find something easier for volunteers to do?
    I’d hate to see them mess it up and make that wall crumble even more.

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