The Blue Glass adds weekend brunch

The Blue Glass, which opened last month at 704 NW 65th St will now offer weekend brunch.

“We have our first 6 weeks open, have our chops down, or pork shanks as it were and have been warmly welcomed by the neighborhood,” owner Dan Cowan writes. Starting on Saturday, the new bar and restaurant (which is 21+) will open at 10 a.m. serving brunch favorites like Eggs Benedict with some flavorful twists, Huevos Rancheros and french toast.

Our news partners, The Seattle Times, recently published this article on the stretch of NW 65th St between 3rd Ave NW and 8th Ave NW, which is becoming quite the retail hub.

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81 thoughts to “The Blue Glass adds weekend brunch”

  1. Wait a sec. They’re 21+ throughout, even for breakfast? Am I reading that right? Couldn’t be arsed to put a token barrier between the bar and the tables?

    Too bad for new-parent me. For their sake, I hope they can fill those tables. Kid-free dining is a nice experience that I don’t begrudge anybody, but folks with kids are a huge part of the breakfast crowd.

  2. Yay no obnoxious kids! Obnoxious kids are the main reason I don’t go to the hi-life for brunch (besides the eggshells in my food).

    I’m glad Blue Glass realized that childless adults are the majority of the brunch crowd, as we can actually afford to eat out regularly (not have brood and all).

    I’ll have to check out their brunch!

  3. Yay no obnoxious kids! Obnoxious kids are the main reason I don’t go to the hi-life for brunch (besides the eggshells in my food).

    I’m glad Blue Glass realized that childless adults are the majority of the brunch crowd, as we can actually afford to eat out regularly (not have brood and all).

    I’ll have to check out their brunch!

  4. Actually, I think the Hi-Life works things out pretty well. Kids aren’t allowed in the bar area, and there’s a lot of seating over there. I’ve eaten there many times, pre-kid, and not had to deal with a single shriek or running brat. Now I’m on the other side….

    The non-bar area is a kid zoo until about 10AM, I’ll grant you that. But after that it’s mostly a kid-free crowd. That’s about when the kidless roll out of bed, anyway, isn’t it? :)

  5. Yada yada yada. Do they accept dogs? There are more of ’em in Seattle than there are kids. Hey, somebody has to cater to all the yupsters. Must be nice to be able to afford to go out/eat out often. Same people who feel under-taxed I guess.

  6. Don’t blame the kids for ruining your dining experience. Blame the parent who sits with a vacant stare, absorbed in their conversation, without concern for the way their child uses the restaurant as their personal play area.

  7. Another parent chiming in to say they just lost about $50 a week from me.

    Gurple, Salmon Bay Cafe is great for kids. It’s busy enough that they aren’t noticed, the portions are so huge (and the food is great) that you don’t need to get them their own plate and they have cheap ice cold Rainers for dad. I like two beers with my Sunday brunch.

    Hi-Life sucks, imo. Overpriced and crap food.

  8. I’ll have to check them out — haven’t made the trek down there yet.

    Portage Bay is another good one. You have to get there before about 9AM or wait for a table. Before 9 it’s all kids, everywhere.

  9. Ric, since this restaurant just started offering brunch, then it’s not likely that you were spending $50 week on brunch there. If your $50 wasn’t part of their revenue, then how could your continued lack of business be considered a “loss?”

  10. “how could your continued lack of business be considered a “loss?” ”

    Umm, because it’s $50 a week that I generally spend on brunch and it won’t be spent there. If kids were allowed, they’s be getting about $2600 a year from me. And probably from at least two dozen other families.

    That’s a potential $62,400 they’re missing out on by not creating the simple partition gurple mentions. That’s a poor business decision.

    But hey, what do I care? It’s their money to not make.

  11. My best guess is that this is a liquor license related restriction. But buy all means let’s continue to flame this bar because the unlucky brood that scurried out from between Ric’s legs won’t get their virgin mimosas (orange juice) and eggs.

    Maybe you should have thought about these restrictions before you forgot the condom, and if you weren’t prepared for them then you could have visited any planned parenthood and flushed your problem right out.

    But by all means, since you’ve doomed our planet by contributing to the overpopulation problem, the rest of us should cater to your every whim and reform the laws so that you are benefited and never inconvenienced.

  12. It is false that the restaurant is “losing” your business, since you never took your business there in the first place. That was my point. Furthermore, since you never went there in the first place, it makes your assertion that you would have gone every single week dubious. Finally, you claim to be happy at Salmonella Bay Cafe and not looking for a brunch place, anyway, so you’re entire argument seems petty.

  13. Are you daft? Business isn’t static. They are in fact losing business by not gaining new business. Trying to bog down your opposition in semantics won’t make you right. It maks your stubborn and ignorant

    And now you’ve libeled Salmon Bay. I’m emailing them this link. Hopefully they’ll subponea your ISP from the Swedes and you’ll be spending thousands defending your comment. Go Google “libel suits message board” and get back to us Buddy.

  14. Heheheheheh

    Robot is an angry 40 something dude, alone, broke, hated by women, and yelling at folks on the internet.

    Go do it. blow your head off. The world is better without you. No one loves you.

    Seriously, no one will miss you. Do it.

  15. Neighborhood gal here…I’ll be there with bells on for breakie. I like my Bene with a nice heavy sauce.

    p.s. I’m glad Ric can’t make it, I can’t handle mean in the a.m.

  16. You can email them this link, too…

    Fact: The restaurant has been graded “unsatisfactory” by Seattle & King County Public Health inspectors every year for the past 5 years.

  17. Is this the lesson you want to teach your children? I want you to read this thread to them (as with your parenting I doubt they can read). They can see how their mother spends her time telling other people on the internet to violently end their lives.

  18. Wow. Now you’ve evolved to straight up lies.

    Salmon Bay got a satisfactory reveiew as of June. Hi-Life, meanwhile, has had unsatisfactory results since 1998. That’s THIRTEEN YEARS of germy nastiness.Enjoy that funky omelette. Gross.

    You gotta wonder whether Buddy and Spider have a financial interest in Blue Glass. If they do, they’re killing the place right now.

    And why are the Swedes requiring mod approval of posts now? Becauae they allow false and defamatory reviews of local busineses?

    What. The .Fuck?!

  19. BTW Swedes- we can proxy hop and MAC spoof all night. You want me to email the Salmon Bay Cafe your name and address with a log of the libelous inof you’ve allowed? You allowed bogus health reports to be published while suppressing genuine King County records.

    I know I wouldn’t sleep well knowing I tried to destroy a man’s business with lies.

  20. I don’t have anything invested in this restaurant.

    It’s not defamation if it’s true.

    I don’t care enough about this argument anymore to continue it.

    Have a great day!

  21. The problem for you, buddy, is it isn’t true. SBC a satisfactory review as of June 2010. You stated they hadn’t in 5 years. So, that’s not true. So, that’s defaming SBC. You lied about a business and did so in an effort to cost them business. I’d school you in 12 minutes in arbitration. Maybe I will.

  22. So you want us to pay for your dinner? Should have studied harder in school instead of ditching class to smoke weed and rail against da’ man.

  23. You should hear him spouting off about the construction on Ballard Ave….he’s the official new Pemco character: NW profile #66, The Whiner. If some guy slams a wheel chair into your child and screams at them, it’ll be Robotman.

  24. Guess that its pretty loony to think that for every extra person we have on the planet, more pollution and harm is done. Sure sounds crazy to me.

  25. Just keep spoofing ethernet MAC addresses, that will really trick internet servers into knowing who you are when they don’t even travel past your router.

  26. Not since I hopped proxies and spoofed my router’s MAC addy. Or maybe I just jumped on my neighbor’s signal. Or maybe I used another one of my laptops on my neighbor’s signal or maybe I used yet another of my laptops that runs TOR or maybe…

    Point is, they were trying to silence me because I pointed out buddy’s false and libelous comments being allowed while my factually correct statements were being culled. It’s really bizarre protection they were offering him given how easily King County’s records can be accessed. I mean, it tok 12 seconds to illustrate his lie.

    I’m guessing the Swedes are buddies IRL with Buddy and as such, he gets special treatmeant.

    That’s one sure fire way to :
    a- kill a blog
    b- drive exactly the type of traffic YOU DON’T WANT to that blog.

    This is fun, in a kicking cats sort of way.

  27. You’re retarded.I’m not using an ethernet connection. You should spend more time reading the things you frantically Google while losing an argument. Oh, and packets are read coming AND going. Google up puppy. Get back to me in an hour or so.

  28. Again, you’re retarded. They’re “suppressing genuine King County records” by, well, s u p p r es s i n g them. You know, deleting the info after I posted it?

    Shouldn’t you be in schoool? Does your mom know you’re on the computer?

  29. Well i’m not going to argue with you but a mac address is used on a physical network segment. Each adapter on your local network has a unique mac address. None of the packets that travel through your router to the net contain any of your local mac addresses.

  30. I’m currently drafting a demand letter to myballard’s ISP for the address of evey post in this thread. Then I’ll have my buddy at Comcast get me your actual name and real address. Then the real fun will begin.Mark my words.

  31. not a fan of ric, but as a survivor of sexual asault myself i’ll let you in a little secret. you come across a a real asshole when belittling child molestation with the little handle swapping tricks. and when you do it in real life (jokes about rape, assault, etc) i’ll kick you in the balls. i speak for all survivors too.

  32. Salmon Bay Cafe accepts dogs. The only way that their food tastes good to me is if I eat it right after I give my dog a rusty trombone.

  33. Ric, the Hi-Life has only been around for about 6 years so you are now the one spreading lies. As well, you are probably being flagged b/c of all of your inappropriate comments. Get a life.

  34. You’re right–it’s not like there are numerous children in foster care who want more than anything to be adopted into a loving a family. I must hate humans because I’m not selfish enough to think that my genes are so significantly different than anyone else’s that I need reproduce instead of providing a home to child in need of one.

  35. See my above post Marc. Reproducing is unconscionably selfish when there are children in foster care in need of home. This selfish act hurts humanity and the rest of the planet.

  36. The other reply is Ric posing as me, so ignore it. I don’t tbh, but I didn’t breed either. I want to get myself in a more economically stable position before I take on that kind of responsibility. For now I adopted a dog.

  37. robotspider, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. The vast majority of kids in need of adoption suffer from sexual abuse, substance abuse, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Almost no one aside from trained professionals has the skill set needed to adequately care for these damaged kids.

    It’s not “selfish” to choose to have kids when you’re unable to care for the ones up for adoption. Your ignorance is astounding. Go talk with a SW before you spout such trash.

  38. What is it about myballard that every time a new restaurant opens up that some consider ‘fancy’, or the word ‘brunch ‘appears’ suddenly people are posting about rape, paedophelia and lawsuits?

  39. seriously. check the other neighborhood blogs – not even close to the level of intense insanity here. i may bring a water sample in for examination….

  40. Um… hello? We went for brunch today. We had the monte cristo sandwich and the pork shank benedict with frites instead of grits. Brilliant.

    $5 brunchie cocktails were nice too. I give it 2 thumbs up.

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