Group wants to automate Ballard’s bell

The old bell in the bell tower at Marvin’s Garden Park has been silent for years. In fact at the most recent Ballard District Council meeting, no one could recall it ringing regularly. The Ballard Historical Society wants to change that. The group has applied for a Small and Simple grant through the city to automate the bell and already has $18,000 in volunteer pledges.

This Saturday is the kickoff event for the “Bring the Ring Back” campaign. At 2:15 p.m. the bell will ring to celebrate Bertha Davis’ 97th birthday. As a lifelong Ballardite (who taught at Webster school for 50 years), she wants this project completed.

If the group gets funding to automate the bell, it can be programmed, for instance, to ring everyday at noon. The bell can also be used for special occasions such as the start of the 17th of May Parade, Seafood Fest and other community activities.

You can read more about the bell here (.pdf).

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20 thoughts to “Group wants to automate Ballard’s bell”

  1. yeah, tell me about it.

    reminds me of the time Luke nearly drove my jeep into a tree because I was singing Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” too freakin’ loud for his soft boy ears.

  2. Really? Really? A church bell annoys you? Goodness, I never believed what they say about Ballard being stuffy and cranky but you may have just changed my mind.

  3. Bertha Davis – oh goodness, she was my neighbor for many years. Our backyards were each other. I would like to touch basis with her. I volunteered at Adams Elementary and knew her there also. Anyone have any idea?

  4. Who doesn’t like a little kickback? It’s minty fresh like a Tic-Tac. It’s like a snack attack. All it takes is a nick-nack patty-wack.

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