Ballard Bee Company nominated for national award

Corky Luster, owner of Ballard Bee Company, has been nominated for the AMD Visionary of the Year award.

Corky Luster and Karen Percelle beside two hives in their backyard. Photo by Emily Fairbrook.

Luster is nominated in the “foodie” category with along with two other finalists. There are three finalists in the photographer and entrepreneur category, as well. If Luster wins, he’ll get $20,000. “If I win visionary of the year award, I’d like to take on some interns and teach beekeeping,” Luster says in this video. “And ideally I’d like to see little clusters of apiaries within the city and start expanding out to other counties.” (Thanks Brad for the email and Robin for posting on the MyBallard Facebook page!)

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13 thoughts to “Ballard Bee Company nominated for national award”

  1. In the Greenlake Greenwood area, we had 6 different kinds of bees until a couple of years ago. I think people are getting rid of the yellowjackets who’ve invaded the area, and inadvertently the bees as well. Hardly any left.

    We love the bees and heartily support your efforts.

  2. I saw a ton of honeybees on my neighbor’s Heather on Saturday. The native Mason Bees like Pieris Japonica. Later in the summer the bees love lavender and Spanish lavender. Ask for bee friendly planting ideas at Swansons or other nurseries. It is good to think of bees when planting.

  3. We’ve been working with Corky and the BBC for the past couple of seasons. He is great! Our veggies, plants, kids, and of course bees love him. And there’s nothing, nothing! better than eating fresh honey that’s been processed by your local bees. I think he deserves this visionary award and wholeheartedly support his nomination. Go Corky & the BBC!

  4. We love you Corky and congratulate you for this distinguished honor. It is our great luck that you have made us one of your stores to get the Bh.

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