Ballard loses to Garfield in county title game

For the first time since 2002, Ballard made it to the state basketball playoffs. But the Beavers were no match for #1 seed Garfield, which defeated Ballard 63 to 50 on Friday night at Juanita High School. Ballard was playing in the King County division 4A title game. Congrats to the Beavers for making it so far!

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12 thoughts to “Ballard loses to Garfield in county title game”

  1. Just a head’s up, the beavers aren’t out of it yet…It’s a double elimination tournament. By being second in KingCo, they still are going to state. They have a game next Friday

  2. Kingco isn’t double elimination, either is state.

    I went to the game last night, decent effort against the #1 4A team in the state. Too much Wroten and missed shots. Overall a good effort. They were more physical than the pups. They could make a little noise at state.

  3. Um, i go to Ballard High School, and I’ve followed the team the whole way. I was there Friday Night also. Actually, the tournament is Double Elimination, if you followed the team you’d know that they play next week. Anyone on the basketball team will tell you this

  4. Sven is right; there are no more games before State. Hopefully they will have better balance moving forward. You can’t win with only one player in double figures. I hope they do well; it has been a long time since the boys were there, so good for them and their Coach also.

  5. I like your enthusiasm, not knocking your message just adding a little correction. My parents went to Ballard, I went to Ballard and my kids went to Ballard. So I follow and go to games. That being said I understand what your thinking, in a way the team was in a double elimination situation being that the 2nd place team still qualifies for state. Still the Kingco tourney was not double elimination and State isn’t either, yes they do go to state and play Friday. Go Ballard.

  6. maybe you should follow the team closer then!

    double elimination is not the same as a ‘consolation’ game where you play for third place or such.
    this team isn’t good enough for states, getting beat by an orange cat and all.

  7. The top 2 teams in Kingco 4A make it to state. Garfield vs. Ballard = Kingco 4A championship, by default both times are the top 2 in Kingco 4A and make it to state. Not very difficult to understand.

  8. You can correct me on this but I don’t think Fridays game is a district tournament. As I understand WIAA changed the state tournament this year so the first two rounds are played as regional games on a neutral court instead of being played at the Tacoma dome. So, as I read the WIAA brackets the Beavers play the #7 team (TBD 2/21) from district 3/4 on Friday at Puyallup. The interesting thing is Garfield plays the #2 team from the same district? Granted they play closer to home at Juanita HS, but they get a higher seed? I wonder who came up with that. Not complaining but it doesn’t make sense.

  9. So Garfield is in a winner to Tacoma game with the loser playing the winner of the loser out game, the winner of this gae goes to Tacoma. So if Garfield wins at Juanita HS Friday they go to Tacoma if not they play the winner of the loser out game on Saturday

    Ballard plays in the loser out game, if they win they play the loser of the winner to Tacoma game on Saturday. So they need to win two in Puyallup to advance to Tacoma.

    So there is a benefit to winning the conference championship.

  10. Maybe YOU should follow the team closer then!
    You can read the rest of the comments or go to the KingCo website to find out what I already said. It’s not a ‘consolation’ game, it’s a chance to go to Tacoma. I would say they are good enough for state as they work hard and they aren’t just one player now. Salim holds the team together but we have a strong starting five and a solid bench. If you had gone to any of their games like the home game against Roosevelt or the playoff game against Juanita, you will see that they can be a strong team. It’s hard when you play the top team in the state though.

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